Learn everything from how to properly site your own residential greenhouse, to what crops to grow year round, to how our patented geothermal greenhouse technologies work.  Have a question?

wind energy versus solar energy
Wind Energy v. Solar Energy: Which is a Better Renewable for Your Commercial Farm? 
Choosing to power your commercial farm with renewable energy is an excellent way to save money and lessen...
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sunglo greenhouse- backyard gardener
What is Sunglo? And Why is it the Perfect Hobby Greenhouse Solution You Might Not Even Know About?
A few years ago Ceres acquired the greenhouse company Sunglo to provide a wider range of hobby greenhouse...
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grant funding for greenhouses
Empowering Growth: Making Greenhouse Financing Accessible By Unveiling USDA Programs & Grant Opportunities!
The number one hurdle we hear about from farmers, businesses, and anyone interested in building a greenhouse,...
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Energy Resource Innovation- new construction rebates
New Construction Rebates for Greenhouses
Find funding from utilities across North America By Gretchen Schimelpfenig Strategic businesses build...
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Interior - tropicals in the desert
Exploring the Possibilities of Year-Round Gardening in a Greenhouse
Have you ever wondered what you can cultivate within the confines of a greenhouse? The answer is just...
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year round greenhouse- outside
The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee, By Way of Greenhouse 
Is it possible to engineer the perfect cup of coffee? This question drives Justin Laird, a color scientist...
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KitesNest- outside of greenhouse
Cultivating Futures: The Kite's Nest Greenhouse Project Blooming in Hudson, New York
Nestled along the Hudson River and in close proximity to the picturesque Catskill Mountains, Hudson,...
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backyard winter greenhouse
5 Essential Tips to Prepare Your Backyard Greenhouse for Cold Weather Cultivation
If you’re an avid gardener that wants to stay prolific when the days get colder and darker, you’re probably...
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LEDs for winter greenhouse
5 Strategies for Maximizing Your Commercial Greenhouse Efficiency in Winter
As winter approaches, many regions face the inevitable shift in weather conditions that come with this...
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greenhouse in the snow
3 Ways to Heat Your Greenhouse for Free this Winter
Learn how to harness and store solar energy to keep your greenhouse growing through the winter for free...
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Maryland Heights Greenhouse Project
How the City of Maryland Heights is Rethinking the Greenhouse Effect
Climate Zone – Maryland Heights, Missouri, Zone 6bSize – (2x) 30’x80’ greenhouses, one greenhouse...
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Flowers of the Field- inside the greenhouse
Flower Power: How a Ceres Greenhouse is helping one Ontario Cut-Flower Farmer to Grow Prolifically Year-Round
Brenda Visser’s green thumb runs in her bloodline, with a great-great-grandfather who owned a greenhouse...
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water circularity- greenhouse growing
Water Circularity: Considerations for Your Greenhouse Water Systems
This blog is a summary of the RII Water Circularity Best Practices Guide. Our intention is to briefly...
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glass house architecture- biophilia- community space
Embracing Biophilia: The Rise of Glass House Architecture
In a world that is becoming increasingly urbanized and disconnected from nature, the concept of biophilia...
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greenhouse federal financing resources
Federal Funding Opportunities for Indoor Agriculture: A Comprehensive Guide for Entrepreneurs and Organizations
By: Wolf Reichard As an emerging and innovative approach to farming, indoor agriculture, also known as...
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eocycle wind turbine with greenhouse
Unleashing the Power of Wind: Using Wind Turbines to Energize Greenhouses for Zero Emission Cultivation
Wind turbine technology is a great solution for commercial greenhouse growers searching for ways to save...
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Unleashing Greenhouse Potential: Discover The Perfect Educational Growing Space For Your School
  A greenhouse is an excellent addition to a school’s campus and curriculum. An educational greenhouse...
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Choosing The Right Backup Generator For Your Commercial Greenhouse
Like any business, greenhouses should be completely prepared for any unexpected emergencies, including...
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greenhouse feed a family of 4- family in greenhoouse
Can I Feed my Family of 4 with a Greenhouse?
The answer is yes. The more difficult question lies in the specifics. How big of a greenhouse do I need...
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DLI chart with crops
Quality versus Quantity - Which is More Important for Greenhouse Lighting Optimization?
Developing a greenhouse lighting strategy for your grow operation might seem overwhelming. How much do...
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etfe glazing on greenhouse
ETFE Glazing for Greenhouses: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners
What is ETFE Material? Widely used in Japan for decades but with little use in the United States, Ethelyne...
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Farm Feasibility Business Plan- lettuce operation
Unlocking Farming Success: Discover the Top 10 Must-Have Elements of a Winning Farm Business Feasibility Plan
The Center of Excellence for Indoor Agriculture  Thinking of starting a farm? You are not alone....
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solar powered greenhouse
5 Tips for Building a Solar-Powered Greenhouse
Figure 1: Integrating solar panels with a greenhouse can make it off-grid, but it takes careful consideration...
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rooftop greenhouse- whole foods market
Rooftop Greenhouses: The Next Big Thing in CEA
Rooftop greenhouses are changing the way we think about urban and other densely populated areas. We are...
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school greenhouse desoign
Aquaponics System Design in a “Living” Classroom: One High School Teacher's Story
In 2015 Ceres became involved in a student-led design project at Pomfret School, in which students of...
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experience farm lettuce harvesting- ceres greenhouse
How Can I Keep My Residential Greenhouse From Overheating?
  As summer approaches and the outside temperatures begin to rise, the temperature inside your greenhouse...
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growing in a vertical farm
Should I invest in a Vertical Farm?
Vertical farms have been getting a lot of attention in the (Ag)news lately, much of which has not been...
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siting a commercial greenhouse
Siting an Energy-Efficient Commercial Greenhouse
All across the world, Ceres has helped growers create sustainable, energy-efficient commercial greenhouses in...
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Greenhouse in snow storm
A Greenhouse for Cold Climates, Eh?
Not all greenhouses are created equal. Variance in greenhouse design, heating systems, and structural...
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Research facility- Canadian university
Funding Awarded for Energy Efficiency Research in Ceres Greenhouse
A Ceres greenhouse just north of the Canadian border has been getting a lot of attention recently. After...
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Electric Greenhouses- natural gas
How to Mitigate Rising Gas Prices with Electric Greenhouses
The cost of energy is rising at an alarming rate. Natural gas prices, in particular, have greenhouse...
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High Yield Greenhouse
Why the Ceres HighYield™ Kit is Better than Other Commercial Greenhouse Kits
When we design our commercial greenhouses, certain aspects of the structure (truss spacing, glazing material,...
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Greenhouse and chicken coop_Ceres Greenhouses
Solar Greenhouse Basics: Structure Orientation
Solar greenhouse design begins with choosing the correct orientation for your greenhouse on your...
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greenhouse roof angle
What is the Right Roof Pitch For Your Greenhouse?
Finding the best angle for your greenhouse roof is not as clear cut as some passive solar greenhouse...
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experience farm greenhouse- year round greenhouse
Community Greenhouse at Blue Sky Lodge - Imagining an Educational Vacation
Blue Sky Lodge is a luxury retreat experience in Utah that offers guests spirited mountain adventures...
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Canadian greenhouse
The Strongest Greenhouse in all of Alberta
Like the office of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, Alan and Liz Breakey reside at the foothills of The Rocky...
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educational greenhouse
Saugerties School Gets Growing in Their Ceres Greenhouse
Before 2019, teachers at Saugerties High School – located in Saugerties, New York – held outdoor classes...
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design development backyard kit greenhouse
Ceres’ New Design and Development Package for Custom Greenhouse Designs
*We are not currently offering the Design & Development Package for residential growers. At Ceres...
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backyard kit greenhouse
What Makes The Ceres BackYard Kit a Kit?
Understanding the meaning of a “greenhouse kit” At Ceres, we design highly efficient greenhouses for...
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aquaponics operation
A Guide to Planning a Commercial Aquaponics Greenhouse
Imagine running a business that uses innovative sustainable growing methods, creates little to no waste,...
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Vented Section of greenhouse with GAHT
10 Do's and Don'ts for Designing a Ground to Air Heat Transfer System
Designing a Ground to Air Heat Transfer System A Ground to Air Heat Transfer system– also called...
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Pest management in a greenhouse
Using Ladybugs in the Garden and Greenhouse
The primary purpose of using ladybugs is as a beneficial insect that provides pest control by eating...
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grow your own food- inside home tropical greenhouse
What kind of grower are you?
Are you thinking about purchasing a greenhouse? Do you wonder what to grow in a greenhouse? Do you question...
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inside summer greenhouse
4 Ways to Use a Greenhouse in the Summer
Greenhouses can often take a back seat during the summer months, when gardens are flourishing outside....
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The Truth About Walipini and Geodesic Dome Greenhouses
There are many different shapes and building styles of passive solar greenhouses. The most successful...
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grower in greenhouse
Printable Planting Calendar for your Year-Round Greenhouse
Ceres Greenhouses are designed to grow year-round Factors like day length, greenhouse temperature and...
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construction worker on greenhouse
Cost of Lumber Affecting Your New Home Construction? Why Opting for Steel Might be a Better Option
The housing and construction markets are hitting new records every day. Houses are selling above asking...
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Aphid in greenhouse
6 Common Greenhouse Pests and How to Manage Them
Pest and disease outbreaks in a greenhouse are a serious pain and can get out of hand if they aren’t...
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Seattle grow recommendation
What Is An All-Weather Greenhouse?
As much as cultivators wish they could predict what their outdoor growing season will be like, they are...
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evaporative cooling system
How Do I Control Humidity in My Greenhouse?
Managing and balancing temperature and humidity in the greenhouse can be a source of frustration, further...
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placing the ground to air heat transfer system
Adding A GAHT® To An Existing Greenhouse
A Ceres GAHT® (ground to air heat transfer) System is our patented geothermal climate control technology...
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The SunSense™ Brain
4 Benefits of an Automated Controller in a Vented Greenhouse
Why an automated controller is better than a thermostat for your climate controlled greenhouse Ceres’...
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greenhouse planting schedule- inside a residential greenhouse
Year-Round Greenhouse Planting Calendar
How do you keep your backyard greenhouse supplying food year-round? There are two fundamental factors...
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hydroponic strawberries
Thinking About Growing Strawberries In A Greenhouse?
Strawberries are a delectable fruit which makes them one of the most valuable fruits to grow. Out of...
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greenhouse design services-BIM
5 Reasons Why Ceres Uses Building Information Modeling For Greenhouse Design
BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D modeling process used for design and construction in order...
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aerial view of warrior rizen
Modern Dude Ranch Uses Solar Greenhouse to Help Heal Wounded Vets and Their Families
A greenhouse can provide food for a community, but it can also provide a sense of tranquility to those...
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inside the sunchamber
Growing Plants with Carbon Dioxide
By Hervé Maumus-Hue Carbon dioxide (CO2): The Basics  Introduction 1 – Different types of...
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9 CARDINALS parameters
Thinking About "Plant Diet"
By Hervé Maumus-Hue Managing a perfect growing environment is challenging and is the topic of much...
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Skygardeners Cover Photo
The Urban Greenhouse Challenge
Written by Coach, Ceres Designer Marina Gieres  Wageningen University & Research hosted the...
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Outside of Greenshaus in Ottawa
A Pandemic, a Canadian Greenhouse, and Training Consumers to Buy Local
All around the world, the food industry has been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Fortunately,...
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visible spectrum
Tuning the Spectrum - An Introduction to Far-Red 
Get A Free Quote At Ceres, we help our clients become smarter growers by staying at the forefront...
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Black Lives Matter
Ceres Stands for Racial Equity
Ceres stands in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and those fighting for racial equality...
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light comparison graph
LED or HPS: Which Supplemental Lighting Option Should You Choose For Your Greenhouse?
For the second installation of our greenhouse lighting series, we will be discussing the difference between...
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light harvesting
Light Harvesting Advantages of Passive Solar Design
The Relationship Between Greenhouse Design and Supplemental Lighting  The benefit of growing in...
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Emerald Greens owners
Major Shifts in Food Security in the Time of COVID-19
As supermarkets empty and restaurants close, we are forced to confront the security of our food system....
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a beautiful world
Greenhouses For a Better World (And Not For Fear)
Let’s be clear. We do not want to downplay the seriousness of the corona virus worldwide pandemic. This...
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Ceres greenhouse in Idaho
Aquaponic Greenhouse in the Idaho Panhandle Provides for the Local Community and is Only a Little Fishy
Just 75 miles South of the Canadian border, in the little community of Careywood, Idaho, sits a 23×40...
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Introducing the EcoLoop™:  Ceres Most Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System Yet 
At Ceres we are challenging the idea that “high tech” means “expensive” when it comes to greenhouse design....
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Intention to increase future production area
2019 Global CEA Census Findings
A survey was conducted in the Summer of 2019 to gather information on the current state of the CEA (controlled...
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energy calculator- savings and consumption
Calculate Your Energy Savings! About Ceres’ New Greenhouse Energy Calculator
Our data engineers have developed a comprehensive online tool that compares the energy savings...
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farmer picking beets
Debunking the Myth of the “Idiot Farmer”
The importance of all aspects of higher education in creating alternative forms of sustainable agriculture...
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Ceres Highyield Commercial Kit
Growing Microgreens in a Ceres Commercial Greenhouse
We strive to make smart and productive growing environments for agricultural businesses of all kinds....
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regeneration agriculture
Local Food? Sustainable Technologies? Regenerative Ag? New Movements. Key Differences.
Local Food Local food is nothing new. It’s been gaining momentum for sometime now. When we talk about...
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Automation greenhouse controller
What is Agritech and Why Should You Care?
“Agritech” is the fusion of Agriculture and Technology. More specifically, it is the use of technology...
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Residential 12x16
How Can I Keep My Residential Greenhouse From Overheating?
As summer approaches and the outside temperatures begin to rise, the temperature inside your greenhouse...
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family picnic
Can I Feed my Family of 4 with a Greenhouse?
The answer is yes. The more difficult question lies in the specifics. How big of a greenhouse do I...
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etfe glazing on greenhouse
ETFE Glazing For Greenhouses: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners
What is ETFE Material? Widely used in Japan for decades but with little use in the United States, Ethelyne...
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VPD Bioengineering Chart
An Introduction to Vapor Pressure Deficit
How well do you understand temperature and relative humidity? Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) is used...
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Educational greenhouse- school greenhouse
Pomfret School Passive Solar Aquaponics Greenhouse Comes to Life: Summer 2018 Update
Project Timeline and Updates provided by Pomfret School teacher Bill Martin. In the summer of 2017...
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Choosing The Right Contractor For Your Greenhouse Project: During The Build
Once you have chosen a contractor, your involvement in the building process is far from over. There are...
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Choosing the Right Contractor For Your Greenhouse Project: What to Consider Before Hiring a Contractor
One of the most important aspects of building a greenhouse is hiring the right contractor for the job....
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How to Reduce Heat in Your Greenhouse with Shade Paint
Summer is almost here! As outdoor temperatures begin to rise, greenhouse temperatures rise as well. Luckily,...
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A Greenhouse for Kaiel: A Little Warrior's Fight for a Normal Life
For most people, tending a garden is a pastime that has therapeutic benefits and yields tasty and fresh...
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10x12 BYK SW
Building a Backyard Greenhouse: Wood vs. Steel
Owning your own backyard greenhouse is an investment that can elevate your gardening experience...
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Water Barrel vs
Water Barrels vs. Phase Change Material
*While there is always something to learn from our blogs, we no longer design our facilities with Phase...
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Ceres Builds a Solar Greenhouse with “Pink” Technology
In the spring of 2017, the Ceres residential design team collaborated with a passionate environmental...
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Light levels climate map for greenhouse
Is My Plant Getting Enough Light?
The following is an excerpt from The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse, with additional content provided...
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polycarbonate greenhouse roof
How to Choose a Glazing Material for a Year Round Greenhouse
Below is an excerpt from The Year Round Solar Greenhouse.  We live in a plastic-laden age,...
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Ceres GAHT system transition manifold
5 Tools for Planning an Energy Efficient Commercial Greenhouse
With demand for local food continuing at a strong pace, a year-round greenhouse is often a good...
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Greenhouse Controls for GAHT system
Setting Controls in a GAHT System or Climate Battery
A climate battery is a ground to air heat exchanger, which provides year-round heating and cooling of...
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Tips on Using Water Barrels in a Solar Greenhouse
Year round greenhouses, or even those used for season extension, face the challenge of extreme temperature...
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Commercial Aquaponics Greenhouse_Flourish farms
Free Resources on Commercial Aquaponic Greenhouses
Interested in starting an aquaponics business? Though you will probably want to take an in-depth aquaponics...
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Commercial Aquaponics Greenhouse_Flourish farms
Can a Commercial Aquaponics Greenhouse Be Profitable?
This is a common question that circulates in forums, and for good reason. Aquaponics is a more environmentally...
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Pomfret high school greenhouse curriculum- building constructionPomfret high school greenhouse curriculum- building construction
An Aquaponic School Greenhouse Comes to Life
Building a year-round school greenhouse is a significant endeavor. Using passive solar greenhouse...
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Community Greenhouse Grows Food for Vets
Based in Wheatridge, Colorado, The Redistribution Center serves veterans in need by providing...
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School Greenhouse growing
6 Tips for Creating a Year Round School Greenhouse
Greenhouses for schools create hands-on classrooms where math and science projects can unfold. They...
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energy efficient greenhouse cooling
Greenhouse Cooling: Energy-Efficient Techniques To Beat The Heat
Growing in a year-round greenhouse often means contending with heat. For most crops, photosynthesis slows...
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imps- solar powered greenhouse
5 Tips for Building a Solar-Powered Greenhouse
Greenhouse With Solar Panels? Unleash the Power of the Sun with These 5 Game-Changing Tips for Building...
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phasechange_4_perspective (1)
Get More Out of Your Solar Greenhouse This Winter with Phase Change Material
*While there is useful information in this blog, we no longer supply Phase Change Material, nor do we...
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ladybug larvae greenhouse pest control
Top 3 Greenhouse Pests and How to Deal with Them
Pests can affect greenhouses a little differently than the outdoor garden, particularly year-round insulated...
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inside residential greenhouse
The 5 Ws of Planning a Smart Greenhouse
What do I want to grow and when? In other words why do you want a greenhouse? This is the first question...
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Easy Raised Bed Options for a Residential Greenhouse
Whether gardening year-round in a greenhouse, or starting up an outdoor garden this spring,...
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greenhouse flooring
Greenhouse Flooring: Choosing the Best Option for Your Year-Round Garden
Unlike a house, an insulated year-round greenhouse doesn’t need a finished floor. Most of a greenhouse...
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School Greenhouse growing
School Greenhouses: The Future of Learning Gardens
“What’s that white stuff? “Roots!” And so proceeded the conversation between two second graders...
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greenhouse polycarbonate roof
Choosing The Best Glazing For Your Greenhouse
We use the term glazing to describe any transparent structural material, whether glass, rigid plastics...
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Solar Greenhouse Basics: Ventilation
Even a well-designed solar greenhouse will overheat sometimes. This is because greenhouses...
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Solar Greenhouse Basics: Insulating your foundation
Insulating the soil underneath your greenhouse is an essential (and easy) step for energy-efficient year-round...
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Greenhouse Foundations
So, you want a year-round greenhouse?  Time to dig deep (literally). At Ceres Greenhouse, we design...
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7 Tips for Designing an Aquaponics Greenhouse
Looking to design an aquaponics greenhouse? Here are some quick tips and strategies for making the most...
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Growing Bananas Off-Grid: Tour of A Tropical Greenhouse in the Rocky Mountains
Growing bananas and guava, this off-grid greenhouse is anything but your typical commercial greenhouse Step...
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That's Where My Apples Come From? The Basics of Grafting
The curious things about apples is that if you eat a Fuji apple, and plant the seeds from that Fuji apple,...
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Ceres mobile greenhouse
A New Kind of Fast Food
Our mobile greenhouse just outside of Palisade, CO A mini- greenhouse goes on the road. Driving around...
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