Our commercial greenhouse design leverages passive solar design principles, including insulated walls, high performance glazing materials, and efficient HVAC systems. Ceres creates growing environments built to sustain any climate, and businesses that may expand in the future. At Ceres, we create more than just facilities, but rather whole systems solutions for companies looking to grow abundantly.

Commercial Greenhouses

Ceres steel kits are energy-efficient growing environments for sustainable and abundant year-round growing. Our commercial greenhouses for agriculture use insulation, superior glazing and passive solar design to help you grow more, while using less energy.

We pride ourselves in creating the most energy-efficient commercial greenhouse design kits on the market.

We ship all greenhouse materials to the job site and the greenhouse is erected by a local contractor. Ceres provides turn-key construction in the US and Canada. We also provide construction management and project planning, organizing and project facilitation from start to finish. We can facilitate the entire construction process for you in most international locations. More on our greenhouse installation and construction management services.

Your success is our business. We also offer growing support and data analysis services.

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