Attached Headhouse Kits

Attached Headhouse Kits refers to the combination of our HighYield™ Kit greenhouses and our headhouses. Our Attached Headhouse greenhouse kits are typically used for Residential, Community and Commercial applications. These greenhouse designs include our HighYield™ Barn Kit, Sol Greenhouse Kit, and Venus Greenhouse Kit.

highyield barn greenhouse

The Greenhouse Design

Ceres Attached Headhouse Kits have a built in partition between the greenhouse and headhouse.  

They are all constructed with 14-gauge galvanized metal, Standard R-16 wall IMPs (Insulated Metal Panels), R-20 roof IMPs, 16mm triple wall poly glazing, entry and garage doors. These Kits also include exhaust fans and intake vents, sized to meet the cooling load of the greenhouse, depending on climate.

We will ship greenhouse materials to the job site where the greenhouse will be built by a local contractor. We recommend getting a Construction Manager to help in this construction process. 

Attached Headhouse Applications:

highyield barn greenhouse

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Attached Headhouse FAQs

We can ship easily anywhere in the US and Canada. If your building location is elsewhere please contact us for a shipping cost estimate.

You can install an Attached Headhouse Kit yourself, or hire a local contractor. A Ceres Project Manager will additionally oversee the construction process in order to make sure everything is built according to the intended specifications.

Because every greenhouse is different – customized for your location’s climate and your growing goals—we provide custom quotes for each of our energy-efficient greenhouses.  Please contact us to get a custom greenhouse quote.

Yes, we offer our own as well as other climate control and growing systems and will design your greenhouse to fully integrate these systems.

Growing systems are customized according to growers’ needs, and specified after a consultation. Ceres can also size, design and source:

  • Hydroponic and aquaponic systems
  • Supplemental lighting, automated shade systems
  • Climate control and HVACD equipment

At present, there are no standard options for different eave heights. It would be possible for a custom design fee, but raising the eave height could significantly affect structural engineering, truss spacing, and building cost.


These metal greenhouse kits are 24 feet wide by whatever length you choose.

You can partition the central flex space from the north flex space, but this is not how the HighYield Barn™ Kit comes. 

Yes there is an entry from the greenhouse to the flex space. We currently have one 4’ wide pass-through door from the greenhouse to the flex space. Other door configurations are possible for a custom design fee.


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