Achieve optimal efficiency and the highest quality output with the help of Ceres’ Grow & Data Support team. Beginning with design, our team offers grow plans and monitoring controls so that your operation is set up for success.

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Yield & Greenhouse Environment Optimization

Smart Controls & Sensors Package include options for measuring:

  • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD)
  • Temperature and humidity
  • Light levels & Spectrum
  • CO2
  • Daily temperature fluctuations
  • Soil moisture
  • Stem diameter
  • Leaf temperature
  • Nutrient levels
  • Irrigation
  • Air quality
  • kW usage management/energy management

Grow Support Services

Ceres offers remote or in-person consulting to support in planning your grow operation, troubleshooting grow related issues, and responding to changes in your greenhouse operations and/or climate. We will analyze and give advice regarding:

  • Greenhouse operations and efficiency
  • Pest & disease issues
  • Plant health
  • Optimizing greenhouse climate

This consulting can be paired with data analytics, with suggestions for how to optimize your climate based on what your location and what you are growing.


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Ceres’ Building Automation Systems (BAS) & Long Term Data Solutions

Ceres’ remote climate monitoring system provides real-time tracking of greenhouse conditions, plus the ability to evaluate your greenhouse performance over the long-term. We design greenhouse environmental controls and data monitoring systems to create a high performing grow environment.

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Our Process for Grow Support & Data Analysis



Coordination with Greenhouse design team to design according to planting needs, choose best suited controller



Planning grow calendar, installation of sensors


Post Build

Plant growth reports, analysis and troubleshooting assistance, data analysis & optimization

* While this timeline is ideal, we will work with you to install this service at any stage in your process.

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