Ceres’ is a premier designer and installer of custom commercial greenhouses that are built with sustainability in mind. Whether it’s an off-grid commercial greenhouse, or an attached residential solar greenhouse, our full-service greenhouse design, and engineering services can take your project from its conception to its completion. We work with you, providing everything from climate control systems to full support services so that your greenhouse provides exactly what you are looking for.


Our commercial greenhouses are based on passive solar design principles, including insulated walls and highly efficient heating and cooling systems. Ceres’ commercial greenhouses are designed to help create an improved growing environment that helps you create stable temperatures at the lowest energy costs in the industry. The result is a sustainable, easily controlled, naturally abundant growing environment that is promised to increase your yield.

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We aim to build resilience against growing threats to our food security by providing growers with their own efficient growing environment that will produce food sustainably in any climate, all year long. We’ve built greenhouses for clients from Arizona to Alaska and have designed each of our greenhouses to withstand local wind and snow loads.

We want to empower individuals and communities to create local food economies. Let us help you find a long-lasting and abundant greenhouse solution that is right for you.

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We understand the needs of teachers in the greenhouse, so we design custom year-round, multi-purpose gardening classrooms. These super-efficient greenhouses reduce operational costs and maintenance while allowing you a medium to teach students about growing healthy fruits and vegetables year-round, thus contributing many benefits to both students and schools educationally.

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Greenhouse Kits

Ceres steel greenhouse kits range from HighYield commercial kits to smaller residential kits. These greenhouse kits are designed to create energy efficient growing environments for sustainable and abundant year-round growing. Using insulation, superior glazing and passive solar design our kits are capable of growing more, using less energy.

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DIY Greenhouse Designs

Our team of seasoned greenhouse designers ensures that our structures are durable, energy-efficient, year-round growing environments. With our predesigned & engineered greenhouse plans, we aim to save you time and money and reduce waste on your greenhouse build.

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Net Zero Greenhouses

We design our greenhouses with a more sustainable and greener future in mind. At Ceres, care about our environmental impact and understand that many of our clients do too. That’s why our number one priority is creating complete, earth-conscious growing systems that use less energy and even function to create more renewable energy. Ceres team of greenhouse designers and engineers will work with you to come up with a custom greenhouse solution that has minimal environmental impact without sacrificing yield.

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Aquaponics-Hydroponics Greenhouses

Our team of greenhouse designers and engineers’ woks with you to design and integrate both aquaponics systems and hydroponics systems to suit your growing needs. Soil-less growing can be the right choice for specific applications and are a popular choice for commercial growers.

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Urban Greenhouses

The technological innovation behind agriculture is rapidly evolving, allowing for farms to move closer to population centers. We work with you to develop a customized solution for your rooftops, empty lots, or any space you want to transform into a growing facility.

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Finance Your Greenhouse

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