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Ceres designs energy-efficient, quality greenhouses, built with sustainability in mind. Using passive solar design principles, our team provides a complete and holistic solution–from custom integrated climate control systems to grow support services for the most successful greenhouse operation. Our greenhouses for sale include everything from electrically run commercial greenhouses, to modular kits, and DIY residential greenhouses.

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Greenhouse "Type" vs Greenhouse "Application"

APPLICATION: What are you planning on using you greenhouse for?

Start your greenhouse planning by seeing how past clients have chosen to use their greenhouses. Whether it be a commercial lettuce operation, research lab, tropical home oasis, or interactive classroom, Ceres has you covered.

TYPE: What style of greenhouse are you looking for?

Check out our greenhouses for sale by size and style first. Learn about our insulative building materials and other specifications for each type and style of greenhouse.

Ceres Greenhouse Options

What Makes Ceres Greenhouses Unique:

Understanding greenhouse modularity

Quality Greenhouses Built for Modularity

Ceres’ unique modular greenhouse kit design allows for easy expansion. Greenhouses and headhouses can be built in phases and configured in many different ways, so you can continuously add on to your greenhouse based on your needs and site conditions.

Why build modular?
  • Expand without disrupting already working greenhouse
  • Biosecurity
  • Maintain different climates for different crops or harvest times

ETFE Glazing: Full Spectrum Light Harvesting

ETFE is a thermoplastic film with a strong mechanical strength resistant to high wind loads and other environmental conditions. This unique glazing material has up to 96% light transmission with full UV.

Quality greenhouses start with quality materials. 

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The Vesta- Greenhouse Home Design

A "Green House" with a Greenhouse

Check out our Vesta™ house kit with attached greenhouse. Grow food from the comfort of your home. The Vesta™ kit house comes with a customizable floor plan so that you can design according to your own taste. Build your home to grow, and be energy-efficient. 

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Calculate Your Energy Savings

Find out how much you can save with Ceres Greenhouses compared to standard greenhouses.

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