Ceres GS is a premier designer of energy-efficient, quality greenhouse kits for sale, built with sustainability in mind. Using passive solar design principles, our engineering team will create a tailored approach for your structure that works with your local climate and resources. Our greenhouses for sale include everything from off-grid commercial greenhouses, kits, and attached residential solar greenhouse. We work with you to provide everything from climate control systems to full support services for the most successful greenhouse operation.

Ceres Greenhouse Options

What are you planning on using your greenhouse for?

Start your greenhouse planning by seeing how past clients have chosen to use their greenhouses. Whether if be a commercial lettuce operation, tropical home oasis, or interactive classroom, Ceres have you covered.

What type, or style, of greenhouse are you looking for?

Check our our greenhouses for sale by size and style first. Learn about our building materials and other specifications for each type and style of greenhouse.

The Vesta™ Kit House

The Vesta™ Kit With Attached Greenhouse

Also looking for housing? Check out our Vesta™ house kit with attached greenhouse. Grow food from the comfort of your home. The Vesta™ kit house comes with a customizable floor plan so that you can design according to your own taste. Energy-efficient, quality greenhouse and home.

What Makes Ceres Greenhouses Different?

ETFE Glazing: Full Spectrum Light Harvesting

ETFE is a thermoplastic film with a strong mechanical strength resistant to high wind loads and other environmental conditions. This unique glazing material has up to 96% light transmission with full UV.

Quality greenhouses start with quality materials. *Available only for Ceres greenhouses.

The SunSense™ controller

The SunSense™: Automate Your Greenhouse

Beyond greenhouse kits for sale, our focus is on making sure your greenhouse operation is successful. Our SunSense™ controller is designed around plants. Environmental parameter are optimized for plant growth and health with customizable staging of equipment for HVACD.

Finance Your Greenhouse

Looking for financial help?
We can help you find funding for your greenhouse project.

Tell us about your project.