We work with growers, owners, and operators around the world at all stages in the process of planning and building an energy-efficient greenhouse. We also offer consulting and data installation services for growers using greenhouses that are not Ceres designed. Our goal at Ceres is to provide a complete growing solution. From conception to completion we provide an array of greenhouse consulting services to ensure a successful grow operation.

greenhouse consulting

Residential Greenhouse Consulting: Design Development

We offer Custom Design Development Services for residential greenhouses, where the homeowner is actively working with an architect or engineer and would like collaborative guidance and support for design and implementation of an add-on greenhouse.

greenhouse consulting- international

International Consulting Options Includes:

*Prices subject to change depending on International location

Our Process For Greenhouse Services


Pre Build Services

Schematic Design, 3D Modeling, Data Installation, Grow Support Planning


Building Services

Greenhouse Design, 3D Modeling, Construction Management, Data Installation, Grow Support Planning


Post Build Services

Data Gathering & Analysis, Environmental Optimization, Grow Support

Greenhouse Options from Ceres

Finance Your Greenhouse

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