The Sealed SunChamber™


The Ceres SunChamber™ is a sealed grow facility, combining the climate control capabilities of an indoor grow with the sun harvesting capabilities of a greenhouse. Scroll down to read more about what is included in a SunChamber™ and why you should consider one for your growing business. 

SunChamber Commercial Modular Greenhouse

What is a SunChamber™?

The SunChamber™ is a completely sealed grow environment. It is characterized by the following features:

  • Energy-efficient HVACD– choose either the EcoLoop™ geothermal HVACD system of EcoPack™ system
  • The SunSense™ Controller– for monitoring & optimizing environmental conditions
  • Pharmaceutical Grade Design- adherence to fundamental Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Ozone water treatment & water reclamation
  • Supplemental CO2 (intended to help plant growth)
  • Fertigation systems- optional
  • Customized grow systems, biosecurity, air purification, and clean in place (CIP) sanitation systems
EcoPack HVAC with labels

*The SunChamber™ is defined by its sealed environment and its systems. Layout choice will depend on engineering, site, considerations, budget, climate, etc.

Commercial Modular SunChamber Sealed Greenhouse

Why SunChamber™?

Highest Quality: Intended for the higher value crops and for growing the highest quality product.

Complete Control: Characterized by its extraordinary climate control capabilities, as there is no outside air exchange. Paired with a Ceres SunSense™ controller the facility offers control over all parameters.

Lower Risk of Crop Failure: Modular design allows for isolation of pests, mold. GMP ready cleanliness creates an environment less susceptible to pests. 

A Sealed Lab-Grade Facility

Self Cleaning

Misting mechanism is used to apply cleaning solution after every harvest

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Quality Materials

Construction details prioritize easy to clean, non porous materials, that are durable and long-lasting

HVAC Dehumidification Icon

Air Treatment

Air is circulated, filtered and treated through the use of the EcoPack™/EcoLoop™

Interested in a SunChamber™ Grow Environment?
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Sunchamber™ FAQs

The SunChamber™ is a sealed Grow Facility that uses either the EcoLoop™ geothermal system or EcoPack™ system for HVAC and dehumidification, and the Ceres SunSense™ controller. The SunChamber™ combines the light harvesting capabilities of a greenhouse with the control of an indoor grow room, allowing for the highest yields and precision production.

While the vegetables would love this environment. It is usually not necessary nor cost effective to employ a fully sealed greenhouse for commercial vegetable production. A vented Ceres greenhouse with smart controls can still provide precise grow conditions which is more than sufficient for commercial agriculture. 

For materials alone including:

  • Building structure
  • EcoLoop™ or EcoPack™ HVACD system
  • Supplemental Lighting
  • SunSense™ controller
  • Water treatment
  • Air treatment
  • Grow systems 

We estimate between $210-$260/sqft. These costs are prior to incentives and rebates that might be offered by your utility company or by the state.

Yes, expansion is possible.  If you are thinking about future add-ons it is advisable to notify Ceres from the beginning so that our engineers can plan sizing for the total size of water systems and electrical. Engineering for a full build is undertaken at the beginning of the project, so that way we never have to backtrack if a future expansion is required, saving time and money.

The SunChamber™ requires three-phase power to power some of its systems. It is certainly  possible in some situations to run this system off-grid and our team will help with the design of the power supply system.

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