Construction Management

Ceres provides both remote and on-site construction support services for our Residential and Commercial Greenhouses and HighYield™ Greenhouse Kits anywhere in the US or Canada. We liaise with experienced local greenhouse contractors and commercial greenhouse builders to help coordinate the construction process from start to finish. On-site construction support services are available as an hourly service, and can be included in your greenhouse quote.

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Commercial and HighYield™ Greenhouse Projects

Planning and Project Management

Ceres project managers will help plan and organize your commercial greenhouse building from start to finish, ensuring all structures are built to your design and specifications.

On-site Construction Supervision

Ceres construction managers direct greenhouse contractors and commercial greenhouse builders during site preparation, foundation work, installing the greenhouse, electricity and plumbing, and installing grow systems and HVAC equipment.

Greenhouse Installation Services

Contact us to learn more about how our design services integrate with greenhouse installation oversight and management.

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DIY- stick frame- small greenhouse plans

Residential Greenhouse Projects

Most of our residential clients use pre-engineered greenhouse design plans and hire a local contractor to build a year-round greenhouse directly at their home. Whether it’s a pre-engineered building plan or a BackYard Kit, we will help oversee the construction of our Residential Greenhouse Designs.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about how to find a greenhouse contractor in your area.

Ceres Greenhouse Services

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