Ceres new kit house is leading the way in energy efficient kit home design. The goal of the Vesta™ is to provide you with a self heating, food producing home that is affordable to purchase, fast to construct, low maintenance and beautifully designed.

Why The Vesta™ Kit House?

passive inspired

Passive House Inspired

This energy-efficient kit home has strategic overhangs that shade windows in summer and allow for sunlight and warmth to enter in winter

greenhouse food and heat

A Greenhouse For Food & Heat

The attached greenhouse is designed as place to relax, grow food, and act as partial heater for home

Highly Insulated

Insulation wraps around the exterior of framing, with 4” Insulated Metal Panels for walls (R-32) and 6” panels for the roof (R-48)


Pre Fab Construction

No framing to cut, minimal material waste, and ready to build

Integrated & Automated Controller

The Ceres designed Vesta™ controller makes the highly efficient structure a truly smart home.  The controller works as a standard thermostat to control your HVAC equipment, while also controlling greenhouse exhaust fans, heat, supplemental lighting and shading if desired. The controller will open and close strategic windows to vent from the greenhouse into the main house, and will open upper clerestory windows for venting when needed.

Ceres Controller

A Flexible Layout

vesta plus inside
vesta inside


  • 2 sizes available: Vesta (960sqft), Vesta+ (1520sqft) house
  • 12×40 attached greenhouse/mudroom
  • Hot-dip galvanized red iron structural steel for greenhouse and house
  • 4 exterior doors
  • 28 vinyl windows for greenhouse & house
  • Exhaust & circulation fan kit for greenhouse
  • Pre-engineered insulated raft slab with radiant air heat
  • Stamped structural drawings, construction drawings
  • Pre-engineered for 65psf snow load

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