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Commercial Modular SunChamber Sealed Greenhouse

Transform Your Research with Advanced Greenhouse Solutions

A fully sealed grow facility allows for the highest level of environmental control, while  maximizing sun harvesting. Experience complete biosecurity and a more consistent crop.

Our sealed SunChamber™ offers our EcoPack™ energy-efficient HVAC(D) system, a SunSense™ controller, pharmaceutical grade design, ozone water treatment & water reclamation, customized grow systems, and more.

Advanced Automation with a Ceres SunSense™ Controller

With our proprietary SunSense™ controller you can automate your greenhouse. Keep track of multiple parameters all from the comfort of your home. Save money on operating costs while minimizing your work load. 

Our greenhouse systems are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows operators to optimize environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, and CO2 levels. With our advanced control systems, growers can create optimal conditions for plant growth and maximize the yield and quality of their research.

Key Features of a Ceres Research Grow Facility

A controlled grow space affords endless opportunities for conducting research, including:

  • Precise environmental control for consistent outcomes
  • Customizable greenhouse designs to suit specific research needs
  • Integrated technology for automated monitoring and data collection
  • Enhanced plant growth conditions for accelerated timelines
  • Scalable solutions to accommodate expansion and growth

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