HVAC & Dehumidification Systems

We offer Ceres designed EcoLoop™ or EcoPack™ HVAC(Dehumidification) options depending on growing goals, budget, site constraints, and greenhouse type. All Ceres HVAC(D) environmental controls are custom integrated to suit your needs. 

We also offer HVAC(D) solutions a la carte, for non-Ceres greenhouses, indoor grows, and retrofits.

EcoPack™ HVAC system for retrofit grow

Ceres Proprietary HVACD Options

Both of our “EcoSystems,” the EcoLoop™ and the EcoPack™, are heat pump systems. We offer a hybrid gas/electric option as well as electric only, which is beneficial as we transition into more renewable energies in an electricity-based world.

While these HVACD systems are both very efficient, the equipment and installation between the two systems are quite different.

EcoPack HVAC with labels

What is the Ceres EcoPack™?

The Ceres EcoPack™ is an HVAC and dehumidification system that integrates with our vented and sealed facility design for precision growing conditions.

Its benefits include:

  • Precise temperature & humidity control
  • Vapor pressure differential control
  • Easy installation
  • Can be configured to use electrical connection for installation, or integrate gas for heating & reheat functions
  • Staggered coil design reduces supply air bypass & provides superior moisture removal from environment
EcoPack HVAC system- with logo
EcoPack HVAC system- inside

Looking for an energy-efficient HVAC solution for an existing facility?

We offer a la carte EcoPack™ options for your greenhouse or vertical farm. Why choose EcoPack™?

  • Rapid Delivery: HVAC replacements ship within 6 weeks, ensuring minimal downtime and quick installation

  • Energy Efficiency: Replace inefficient equipment with highly efficient EcoPack™ units for substantial energy savings

  • Seamless Integration: A versatile choice suitable for both new and existing facilities

  • Expert Engineering Support: Our experienced engineering team will assist you in accurately sizing the HVAC system to meet your specific requirements
  • Comprehensive MEP Assistance: We can help with Mechanical , Plumbing, and Electrical (MEP) aspects of your project, ensuring a hassle-free installation process

  • Custom Automation and Controls: Enhance the efficiency and convenience of your entire facility with our tailored automation and controls solutions.

What is the Ceres EcoLoop™?

A geothermal HVACD system, a renewable energy source that utilizes the earth’s steady temperature (between 45º and 60ºF) to create precise, desired climates in each greenhouse environment.

  • Designed specifically for Ceres HighYield™ kits
  • Precise temperature & humidity control
  • Vapor pressure differential control
  • Modular design & installation



  • Higher cost of installation (added excavation & HDPE polyethylene pipe welding)
  • Reliance on ability to evaporate water (humid summer climates or places that lack water, might consider the EcoPack™ instead)


*The EcoLoop™ designed for a greenhouse is patented under US patent number US 11s006s586 B2.

For any other application the patent for the EcoLoop™ is pending.

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The Ceres EcoLoop™ is a hybrid Ground-Coupled-System, commonly known as a geothermal system in the United States and a Ground-Source-Heat pump in Europe. Some of the unique advantages of the EcoLoop™ system over a conventional geothermal system are the system’s heating and cooling load capacities, redundancy, resilience, and it’s low environmental impact. Also, the Ceres EcoLoop™ is minimally invasive to the earth, as the system sits 6′ below grade (opposed to the 400′ bore holes of traditional vertical geothermal systems). 
Material costs for installation of the EcoLoop™ range from about $50-65/sqft, and determined based on such factors as: different climate zones, size of grow operations, etc. Payback for this system occurs at roughly one year.  Because of it’s energy efficiency rating, the EcoLoop™ system may qualify for a multitude of rebates.

The EcoLoop™ system is a two part installation, below grade and above grade. This can be completed by the same contractors or two different contractors. The below grade contractors should be International Ground Source Heat Pump Association certified installers. Above grade work can be completed by a local HVAC contractor.

Ceres is happy to connect our clients to trained professionals for installation of the EcoLoop™ system.
Contact us for more information
The EcoLoop™ is a closed loop system, whereby water is continuously circulating in the closed ground loop and through the heat pumps, in order to transfer heat between the grow-spaces, the ground, and the outside environment.

At this point in time, Ceres is installing the EcoLoop™ only in Ceres Greenhouses.  The EcoLoop™ has been optimized for high performance and efficiency using specific controls, operating parameters, and smart responses to changing conditions

Yes. The EcoLoop™ system can be run using renewable sources of electricity. Additionally, the EcoLoop™ design overall reduces the peak demand load compared to other HVAC systems, helping to reduce the overall size of the energy generation system.

There are pretty stark differences between both systems, making it hard to compare.  The GAHT® system is a lower tech air-to-ground heat exchanger, which can’t deliver specific temperatures but does aid with both heating and cooling, reducing overall operational costs.  The EcoLoop™ and EcoPack™ are more powerful mechanical HVAC systems, which cools, heats, and dehumidifies based on specific set points and controlled by Ceres’ Smart Controller. In general, the GAHT® system is best suited for a Ceres vented greenhouse, and the EcoLoop™ or EcoPack™ is optimal for a Ceres sealed greenhouse facility.

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