We engineer our greenhouses to work with mechanical systems that make sense for your particular grow. Factors such as what you plan to grow, your climate, and your budget will help us determine which systems will work best for you. Some of our options include: venting, air circulation fans, evaporative cooling walls (wet walls), and Ceres EcoLoop™ and GAHT® systems.

outside the wet wall

Greenhouse Ventilation Systems

Ceres sizes your exhaust system for your specific greenhouse and grow operation. Depending on your climate and crop, we engineer the optimal ventilation system; while taking into consideration, your greenhouse’s size, relative humidity, air flow throughout the grow space, prevailing wind direction, and surrounding buildings (if necessary). Ceres’ greenhouse ventilation systems are controlled by a greenhouse controller specifically programmed for each greenhouse.

Air Circulation Fans

Fans are needed in order to circulate air evenly throughout the greenhouse. Moisture and temperature are kept uniform with air that is moving, allowing for an optimal environment for healthy plants.

evaporative cooling system

Evaporative Cooling Wall

Wet walls are a fairly common form of greenhouse evaporative cooler. External vents allow for outside air to enter the greenhouse through an evaporative water wall. This hot air picks up moisture as it passes through the water-wall, thus increasing humidity and lowering air temperature of the greenhouse (by up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit).

The vent for the wet wall is both automated, insulated, and operated by a controller. Meaning that you have the ability to open the vents when air is needed and close them when insulation is needed. Perks of using this form of greenhouse ventilation system include:

  • Air passes through a perpetually watered screen
  • Most effective in hot, dry climates
  • Low energy consumption, high water consumption
  • Requires exhaust vents to create airflow in greenhouse


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