Ceres passive solar greenhouse kits are energy efficient growing environments for sustainable and abundant year-round growing. Most often used as commercial greenhouse kits, the HighYield™ Kit is designed to produce higher yields, using less energy.

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Typical Uses

HighYield™ Greenhouse Kits

This passive solar greenhouse kit is a stable, easy to control growing environment. Our energy-efficient greenhouse design is created for maximum productivity, used in applications for which the highest yields are expected. Kits come in two depths: 23’ and 30’ deep and are scalable in increments of 4’.

The HighYield™ Kit is built with hot-dipped galvanized steel 2” x 4” framing sections, pre-cut to length. Along with highly insulated IMPs, glazing, and doors, our greenhouse kits include exhaust fans and intake vents, sized to meet the cooling load of the greenhouse (depending on the climate).

We ship all greenhouse materials to the job site where the greenhouse is erected by a local contractor. We recommend getting a Construction Manager to help in the construction process, especially if the the goal is to have a commercial greenhouse kit.

All of our HighYield™ Kits have an energy-efficient greenhouse design and are formed for modular capability, allowing for unlimited expansion without interruption, as well as the ability to operate multiple climates simultaneously.

Learn more about our commercial modular passive solar greenhouse kits.

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HighYield™ Greenhouse Kits FAQs

We ship anywhere in the US and Canada. If you are elsewhere please contact us for a shipping cost estimate.

You can install a HighYield™ Kit yourself, or hire installation out to a local contractor. You can also opt to have a Ceres construction supervisor oversee the construction process and direct your building crew.

This depends on your level on construction experience. Assembling a HighYield™ Kit requires significant construction experience and a crew of at least 3 people. You can get a sense of the steps needed to build a HighYield™ kit from our video.

Because each greenhouse is slightly different – tailored for your climate and growing goals—we provide custom quotes for all our passive solar greenhouse kits. Our base pricing for a HighYield™ kit greenhouse starts at $50 sq/ft. We estimate US$100-US$120/sqft for a complete vented greenhouse (this includes: stamped drawings, materials, equipment and construction).

Contact us to discuss your project.

Yes, we offer our own renewable heating/cooling system, as well as other climate control and growing systems, as well as our own integrated SunSense™ controller.

Growing systems are customized according to growers’ needs, and specified after a consultation. Ceres will size, design and source:

  • Hydroponic and aquaponic grow systems
  • Light deprivation systems
  • Supplemental lighting
  • Automated shade systems
  • HVAC equipment
  • Control systems

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