The-Year-Round-Solar Greenhouse Book

Book – The Year-Round Solar Greenhouse

The Year-round Solar Greenhouse is the one-stop guide to designing and building greenhouses that harness and store energy from the sun to create naturally heated, lush growing environments even in the depths of winter. Topics include the principles of solar greenhouse design, siting, glazing material properties and selection, controlling heat loss, ventilation, and construction methods. Additionally, an in-depth section covers sustainable ways of heating the greenhouse without fossil fuels, including using thermal mass and storing heat underground with a ground to air heat exchanger.
Variations include attached solar greenhouses, earth sheltered greenhouses, plus integrating hydroponics and aquaponics. More than a dozen case studies from across North America provide inspiration and demonstrate specific challenges and solutions for growing year-round in any climate.
Grow your own food, anytime, anywhere using the power of the sun!
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Ceres Engineered Greenhouse Building Plans

Greenhouse package plans features optimized designs for a durable, super energy efficient, year-round greenhouse. PDF documents include complete construction documents, engineered to 135 mph wind load and 40 psf snow load. Greenhouse packages also include a materials list, sourcing information and installation instructions for polycarbonate roofing.

Please contact Ceres us about purchasing materials for your greenhouse.


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GAHT system installation instructions

Ceres Residential GAHT® Plans

Residential GAHT® plans, a materials list for all parts, and sourcing information for necessary components. Also included in this PDF are step-by-step instructions, with pictures, explaining underground install and how to install wire fans and thermostats. One hour of phone support for installation assistance and/or troubleshooting is also included.


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Engineered Greenhouse Plans + GAHT® System Plans Package

Get a full self-heating greenhouse! Ceres engineered building and design plans for standard sizes providing a durable, long-lasting, technically optimized greenhouse you can trust. Engineered for 40 lbs / sq. ft. snow load and 90 mph wind load, insulated greenhouses create an abundant growing environment. With our Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT®) system, the greenhouse is also naturally heated and cooled year-round by storing excess heat in the soil underground.

This plans package is a PDF that combines building plans for the greenhouse, and our plans / instructions for installing a GAHT® system on your own.


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Finance Your Greenhouse

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