SunSense™ Controller

Every greenhouse is slightly different, with different ventilation, HVAC, dehumidification and growing systems. That is why we tailor greenhouse control systems to meet your needs. The Ceres SunSense™ controller has been designed to integrate specifically for Ceres greenhouses so that operating a residential or commercial greenhouse is easy, efficient, and hassle-free.

We prioritize simple, understandable interfaces that can be used for any application, whether an elementary school or large commercial greenhouse or research facility.

The SunSense™ Controller
The SunSense™ Brain

The Ceres Sunsense™ Controller for Commercial Operations

One centralized system for controlling the whole environment. Monitor temperature, relative humidity, and CO2, leaf/ canopy temp, PAR, lighting zones, and outdoor weather.

Advantages of the Ceres controller:

  • Built modular- easy to add on
  • Lighting- measure incoming sunlight & dim lighting to specified PPFD
  • Customizable grow stages
  • Peak load demand reduction
  • Predictive control


All sensors included: water, condensate temp & flow, air and & water pressure, power monitorin

Value of a Ceres SunSense™ Controller

Controller- Analytics- Data and Grow Support

The Ceres Controller Saves:

30% of all electrical installation & parts from emergency control

30% of energy use in the first year, because of load shifting

Labor costs from the reduction of labor

A Ceres SunSense™ Controller + Data Analysis Services = Optimized Growing

controller- dashboard
sunsense controller- box

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SunSense™ FAQs

Yes. We offer a few different options for a vented greenhouse. Please contact us for more information.

Yes. Our highest level SunSense™ Controller (designed for our SunChamber™) can monitor and control CO2 levels in the greenhouse.

Yes. In greenhouse applications where supplemental CO2 is used the SunSense™ Controller comes standard with horns, strobes and signage required by regulation to warn any person in the building. In case of critical CO2 concentration, the controller will initiate automated venting until the CO2 concentration is back in the safe concentration range.

The customer owns their data forever. However, we do require access to it for facility optimization. Data sets will not be shared with or viewed by other customers.

Data is stored on-site and on a server in our office accessible by the cloud at any time. This will protect from loss of data.

The greenhouse controller dashboard allows the owner to set levels of access to employees, so you control who sees your data.

The dashboard allows the owner to set levels of access to employees, so you control who can change stage settings.

Data can be accessed via our data analytics dashboard. From there, the customer can see all historical data from each sensor, equipment run times and operational modes, power consumption, etc.

The dashboard shows the details of your facility operations. This includes live sensor data, current operational modes of all of your equipment, facility power consumption, local forecast, a page for recipe development, and links to your fertigation controls (if applicable).

The dashboard’s pictures and equipment will be customized to your facility, but we do not change the overall format/layout of our dashboard.

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