Create a year-round, multi-purpose gardening classroom Ceres’ super efficient greenhouses reduce operational costs and maintenance while growing healthy fruits and vegetables year-round, contributing many benefits to both students and schools including:

  • Students to grow food prepared in their cafeteria
  • Students to access a learning garden year-round
  • Teachers to fully integrate hands-on learning in the classroom, and take advantage of increased learning opportunities
  • Schools to create a green image for the campus

Add Horticulture to Your Curriculum

Ceres’ greenhouse design and energy-efficient technologies also present a hands-on learning opportunity for critical math and science topics:

  • Principles of biology
  • Building design and energy transfer
  • Light and seasonal changes
  • Heat storage and thermal mass
  • Seasons and growing cycles
  • Garden to table curriculum
  • Globally responsible farming
  • Genetics experimentation

Measurable Data For Your Students

We have teamed with Unity Energy Solutions to provide students access to data in their school’s greenhouses. With a control system in place they can measure and track humidity, light levels, and temperature. This innovative technology can be used in science and business classes.


Take the Virtual Tour

Join us on a tour of a Ceres operating greenhouse. Or learn how to grow fresh food in a controlled environment.


Find Our Greenhouse Projects

From the US to Australia, we have designed and built projects all over the globe. Employing international designers and using regional-specific manufacturing, we are devoted to using the highest quality materials in the most efficient way possible in order to keep your operating costs low.

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