BackYard Greenhouse Kits

Ceres BackYard Kits are engineered for local conditions by our structural engineers and are built to last with galvanized steel framing. Our BackYard Greenhouse Kits allow growers to be more self-reliant and sustainable by providing a space to grow food all year long. Our standard sizes for the BackYard Kit are 11’x18′, 11’x24′, 18’x24’ and 18’x30’, but they can also be designed in incremental lengths of 6ft. They are perfect for smaller growing spaces like residential properties, community gardens, urban plots or school grounds. All structural materials are prefabricated and shipped directly to the job site for easy installation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our BackYard Kits start at 12k. Due to the specific complexity of each project, prices on the website serve only as approximate amounts.

Available in lengths of 6’ increments. Pricing for the 18’x24’, for example, is US$28,980 with shipping estimated at 20%-25% of total materials cost (excluding applicable taxes). Optional upgrades are available as well.

This varies greatly by location, and what you are trying to grow. In areas with mild winters, passive solar greenhouses can grow year-round without any back-up heating. Greenhouses in cold areas can even grow very hardy crops year-round without heating. However, to grow a wider variety of crops, in most cold climates an energy-efficient greenhouse will require some back-up heating. This is usually turned on during a few very cold nights a year — the extreme cold snaps — when a GAHT® system, thermal mass, or phase change material is not sufficient to keep temperatures high enough.

Residential growers typically add an electric heater for the coldest times of the year. Commercial growers typically integrate propane or electric heat. We can help you integrate a back-up heater when designing your commercial greenhouse.

Yes! Attached greenhouses have many advantages, such as provide passive solar heating for the home. However, they require specialized materials and air exchanges for an energy-efficient structure. Depending on the project, we will sometimes team with architects and local contractors in building durable, beautiful and efficient greenhouses.

Yes, we ship greenhouse materials to your site. In some cases, we may use a local distributor and have materials available for pick-up at a nearby store to allow for easier pick-up and cost savings.

Yes, in addition to the glazing for the roof, we source for you:

  • Phase change material
  • Ventilation Systems: Exhaust Fans and Controls
  • Materials for our GAHT® or EcoLoop™ systems

We provide all materials for steel kits, or custom commercial greenhouses. For our residential solar greenhouses, the framing material is typically wood, and this is sourced locally, by you or a contractor. We provide DIY greenhouse plans, but do not ship wood framing materials.

Yes, Polygal polycarbonate comes with a 10-year warranty and Lexan polycarbonate comes with a 15-20 year warranty.

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