BackYard Greenhouse Kits

Looking for an efficient, year round growing solution for your home?

Ceres BackYard home kits are designed for your home greenhouse. Our steel greenhouse kits allow growers to be more self-reliant and sustainable by providing a space to grow food all year long.

BackYard Kit greenhouse

The Greenhouse Kit Design

Our standard sizes for the BackYard kit are 18’x24’ and 18’x30’ (we also offer sizes in incremental lengths of 6ft).

Engineered for local conditions by our structural engineers and built to last with galvanized steel framing and IMPs (Insulated Metal Panels). All structural materials are prefabricated and shipped directly to the job site for easy installation.

While typically used for “backyard” growing at residential properties, our BackYard kits can be used for a variety of uses and purposes. 

BackYard Kit Applications:

backyard kit greenhouse
SunGlo render- greenhouse

Looking for a smaller greenhouse?

Our sister company SunGlo specializes in year-round residential greenhouses in width of 8ft and 10ft, and lengths ranging from 10ft-15ft.

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BackYard Kit Technology

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BackYard Kit FAQs


18’x24′ US$53,774

18’x30′ US$58,691

18’x36′ US$63,609

*Base kit= galvanized steel frame, 2″ insulated metal panels, 16mm, triple layer polycarbonate on the south wall and roof, entryway door and a SunSense™ controller.

Shipping is estimated at 20%-25% of total materials costs (excluding applicable taxes). There are a variety of colors available for the BackYard Kit as well as additional upgrades and climate control options you can choose from. BackYard kits are engineered to individual wind and snow loads.

Please contact us for more information, as prices are subject to change.

This varies by location, and crop choice. If you live somewhere with mild winters, passive solar greenhouses can grow year-round without any back-up heating. Greenhouses in cold areas can sometimes even grow hardy crops year-round without heating. To grow a wider variety of crops, in most cold climates, an energy-efficient greenhouse will require some back-up heating. This is usually turned on during a few very cold nights a year when a GAHT® system, thermal mass, or phase change material is not sufficient to keep temperatures high enough.

Residential growers typically add an electric heater for the coldest times of the year.

Yes, we ship greenhouse materials to your residence.

Yes, depending on the chosen glazing material. For most residential applications where polycarbonate is chosen there is an option between Polygal polycarbonate, which comes with a 10-year warranty and Lexan polycarbonate which comes with a 15-20 year warranty.


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