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Design Development- consulting
Consulting Services- Case Studies
Let’s take a look at some past examples of Consulting, Design Development and Environmental Optimization...
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Energy Resource Innovation- new construction rebates
New Construction Rebates for Greenhouses
Find funding from utilities across North America By Gretchen Schimelpfenig Strategic businesses build...
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Interior - tropicals in the desert
Exploring the Possibilities of Year-Round Gardening in a Greenhouse
Have you ever wondered what you can cultivate within the confines of a greenhouse? The answer is just...
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year round greenhouse- outside
The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee, By Way of Greenhouse 
Is it possible to engineer the perfect cup of coffee? This question drives Justin Laird, a color scientist...
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KitesNest- outside of greenhouse
Cultivating Futures: The Kite's Nest Greenhouse Project Blooming in Hudson, New York
Nestled along the Hudson River and in close proximity to the picturesque Catskill Mountains, Hudson,...
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Maryland Heights Greenhouse Project
How the City of Maryland Heights is Rethinking the Greenhouse Effect
Climate Zone – Maryland Heights, Missouri, Zone 6bSize – (2x) 30’x80’ greenhouses, one greenhouse...
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Flowers of the Field- inside the greenhouse
Flower Power: How a Ceres Greenhouse is helping one Ontario Cut-Flower Farmer to Grow Prolifically Year-Round
Brenda Visser’s green thumb runs in her bloodline, with a great-great-grandfather who owned a greenhouse...
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inside greenhouse- aquaponics
Harvesting Knowledge and Compassion: How the Educational Greenhouse at St. Thomas More School Enhances Curricula and Nourishes Community
At St. Thomas More School in Spokane, Washington, the community’s most significant service initiative...
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school greenhouse desoign
Aquaponics System Design in a “Living” Classroom: One High School Teacher's Story
In 2015 Ceres became involved in a student-led design project at Pomfret School, in which students of...
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Greenhouse in snow storm
A Greenhouse for Cold Climates, Eh?
Not all greenhouses are created equal. Variance in greenhouse design, heating systems, and structural...
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Research facility- Canadian university
Funding Awarded for Energy Efficiency Research in Ceres Greenhouse
A Ceres greenhouse just north of the Canadian border has been getting a lot of attention recently. After...
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experience farm greenhouse- year round greenhouse
Community Greenhouse at Blue Sky Lodge - Imagining an Educational Vacation
Blue Sky Lodge is a luxury retreat experience in Utah that offers guests spirited mountain adventures...
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Canadian greenhouse
The Strongest Greenhouse in all of Alberta
Like the office of Ceres Greenhouse Solutions, Alan and Liz Breakey reside at the foothills of The Rocky...
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aerial view of warrior rizen
Modern Dude Ranch Uses Solar Greenhouse to Help Heal Wounded Vets and Their Families
A greenhouse can provide food for a community, but it can also provide a sense of tranquility to those...
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Outside of Greenshaus in Ottawa
A Pandemic, a Canadian Greenhouse, and Training Consumers to Buy Local
All around the world, the food industry has been affected by COVID-19 in one way or another. Fortunately,...
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Ceres greenhouse in Idaho
Aquaponic Greenhouse in the Idaho Panhandle Provides for the Local Community and is Only a Little Fishy
Just 75 miles South of the Canadian border, in the little community of Careywood, Idaho, sits a 23×40...
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Ceres Highyield Commercial Kit
Growing Microgreens in a Ceres Commercial Greenhouse
We strive to make smart and productive growing environments for agricultural businesses of all kinds....
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Educational greenhouse- school greenhouse
Pomfret School Passive Solar Aquaponics Greenhouse Comes to Life: Summer 2018 Update
Project Timeline and Updates provided by Pomfret School teacher Bill Martin. In the summer of 2017...
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A Greenhouse for Kaiel: A Little Warrior's Fight for a Normal Life
For most people, tending a garden is a pastime that has therapeutic benefits and yields tasty and fresh...
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Ceres Builds a Solar Greenhouse with “Pink” Technology
In the spring of 2017, the Ceres residential design team collaborated with a passionate environmental...
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Pomfret high school greenhouse curriculum- building constructionPomfret high school greenhouse curriculum- building construction
An Aquaponic School Greenhouse Comes to Life
Building a year-round school greenhouse is a significant endeavor. Using passive solar greenhouse...
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Community Greenhouse Grows Food for Vets
Based in Wheatridge, Colorado, The Redistribution Center serves veterans in need by providing...
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School Greenhouse growing
School Greenhouses: The Future of Learning Gardens
“What’s that white stuff? “Roots!” And so proceeded the conversation between two second graders...
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Growing Bananas Off-Grid: Tour of A Tropical Greenhouse in the Rocky Mountains
Growing bananas and guava, this off-grid greenhouse is anything but your typical commercial greenhouse Step...
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