We design our greenhouses with a more sustainable and greener future in mind. We care about our environmental impact and understand that many of our clients do too. That’s why our number one priority is creating complete, earth-conscious growing systems that use less energy and even function to create more renewable energy. Ceres team of engineers will work with you to come up with a custom zero energy greenhouse solution that has minimal environmental impact.

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What is a Net Zero Greenhouse?

To be a net zero greenhouse, it needs to generate 100% of it’s energy on-site. If your greenhouse is generating more than 100% of the energy it is using, then you have a net positive greenhouse. There are various systems that can be implemented to make your greenhouse net zero or net positive. Which systems to include will depend on climate and growing needs and will vary from project to project. We work with you to design your system to run efficiently and require zero energy.

Energy-Efficient Passive Design

Our greenhouses are vastly more efficient than any model on the market. We pair our efficient passive solar design with innovative heating / cooling systems to create a ‘self-heating’ greenhouse that reduces energy costs. In some applications we can even design integrated systems in order to be a zero energy greenhouse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the specific complexity of each individual project, prices will vary. A “net zero greenhouse” is determined primarily by the environmental control systems chosen, the location of the project, and if solar power is implemented. Because of these factors it is difficult to determine a price until these factors are decided. Please contact us to learn more.

This too will vary from project to project. Because of the nature of net zero greenhouse systems (producing an equal amount of energy as they consume) you can expect much lower operational costs than other grow facilities on the market.

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