HVAC for greenhouses. HVAC for indoor grows.


We are now offering energy-efficient HVAC solutions for ANY grow facility, Ceres or not. 

Looking for a cannabis greenhouse?

EcoPack HVAC system- inside
EcoPack™ hvac for indoor grows

Purchase a Ceres EcoPack™ for ANY greenhouse, vertical farm, or retrofit

Why choose EcoPack™?

  • Quick Delivery:  Replacements for current HVAC system ships within 6 weeks, ensuring minimal turnover time
  • Energy-Efficiency: Replacing current inefficient HVAC equipment with highly efficient EcoPack™ systems will ensure considerable energy savings
  • Seamless Integration: A versatile option for both new and existing grow facilities
  • Expert Engineering Support: Our experienced engineering team will accurately size the new HVAC(D) system to meet the requirements of your facility
  • Comprehensive MEP Assistance: We help with Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical (MEP) features of your project, for a hassle-free installation process
  • Custom Automation and Controls: Further increase the efficiency and convenience of your entire facility with our customized automation and controls solutions.

Greenhouse HVAC Design

What is better than an our EcoPack™ HVAC(Dehumidification) system for your current grow facility or future non-Ceres greenhouse?

A Ceres EcoPack™ HVAC(D) system + a Ceres Greenhouse. 

Ceres Greenhouses are specifically designed for energy-efficiency. Combined with our EcoPack™ HVAC for greenhouses, the Ceres greenhouse is a complete package. 

EcoPack HVAC with labels
The SunSense™ controller

What about the Ceres SunSense™ Controller?

The Ceres SunSense™ controller integrates with the EcoPack™ system to bring further control and automation to your cultivation system. 

We now offer a la carte EcoPack™, and a la carte EcoPack™ + SunSense™ solutions, depending on your business needs. 

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