Why the Ceres HighYield™ Kit is Better than Other Commercial Greenhouse Kits

High Yield Greenhouse

When we design our commercial greenhouses, certain aspects of the structure (truss spacing, glazing material, and climate control equipment) can be adapted to the client’s climate and growing goals. At the base of every commercial design, is our HighYield™ Greenhouse Kit. In this blog we will define the structural elements of our HighYield™ Kit design and delve into what makes it different from other commercial greenhouse kits.   

If you’re interested in learning more about our residential greenhouse kits, check out our blog, What makes the Ceres BackYard Kit a Kit.

What Makes the HighYield™ Kit Different (and Better) from Other Commercial Greenhouse Kits?

Oftentimes when we think of a “kit” we think of something you can pick out from a catalog or a greenhouse supply site that comes with minimal to no customizable features (due to it being designed for mass-production). While our HighYield™ greenhouse kits are similar to other kits in that they are pre-fabricated and delivered with detailed construction plans, they really are so much more than their name because they are customized to your specific needs and requirements. 

Our HighYield™ commercial greenhouse kits are designed with passive solar concepts and built with high-quality, durable materials. To learn more about our passive solar design and its benefits, read our blog, Light Harvesting Advantages of Passive Solar Design.

High Yield Greenhouse- passive solar design

Every HighYield™ Kit greenhouse includes a base kit which includes galvanized steel framing, insulated metal panels for the north, east and west end walls, roof and south wall glazing, insulated doors, a ventilation system, and our SunSense™ greenhouse controller. Our HighYield™ Kit dimensions start at 23’x30’ or 30’x40’ with the option to expand the lengths by increments of ~6’ (depending on truss spacing). If a client decides on a HighYield™ Kit, a greenhouse designer will request site details to better understand solar angles and wind direction, which will inform the most ideal orientation for sun and wind harvesting. Also, our structural engineers will assess your local climate conditions in order to engineer the foundation and framing (truss spacing, structure length) to withstand local wind and snow load requirements. Ceres’ focus on structural engineering ensures our clients’ greenhouses will withstand harsh weather events, and perform in the long-run.

High Yield Greenhouse- Commercial
High Yield Greenhouse- outside

Beyond the base kit, our clients are able to choose from climate control, automation and growing systems to complete their greenhouse solution. Factors like local climate, geographical location and growing goals will determine which equipment is most appropriate for each grower’s goals. Our greenhouse experts work closely with our clients to understand their specific situation before making recommendations on additional equipment and systems. 

Climate Control Equipment:

  • Attached headhouse for processing and/or storage
  • Fogging system 
  • Evaporative cooling wet wall
  • Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT®) system 
  • Dehumidification
  • Heater (natural gas or propane)
  • Horizontal airflow fans 
  • Wall-mounted oscillating fans
  • Automated shade cloth system 
  • Shade paint
  • Hydroponics system 
  • Aquaponics system 
  • Rolling benches
  • Insect screens
  • LED supplemental lighting 

HighYield™ Kit Build Process

Like most commercial projects, a construction crew is needed to build a HighYield™ Kit. It is up to our clients to source a general contractor but we supply a construction drawing set, as well as engineer-stamped structural and foundation drawings for permitting and construction. We also offer remote construction supervision throughout the build, and the client has the option of upgrading to more involved construction support (i.e site visits from a Ceres project manager). Most greenhouse manufacturers will leave the client on their own to manage the construction process. We are there for our clients every step of the way, and that includes helping to ensure the construction process goes as smoothly as possible. 

High Yield greenhouse construction photo

Post-Build Support 

Once the construction of a HighYield™ Kit is complete, we support our clients in operating a successful business. We understand that there may be a slight learning curve when it comes to operating a Ceres commercial greenhouse, so we provide detailed user manuals and introduce our account management team to assist in getting operations up and running smoothly. The Ceres SunSense™ controller makes it easier to monitor and control greenhouse systems, but it also helps our data engineers track conditions in our clients’ grow environments so they can give recommendations for further optimization.

High Yield Greenhouse- SunSense

Ceres also offers grow support for clients who need help dialing in efficient and effective growing procedures for their commercial operation. We realize a greenhouse is only as good as what’s growing inside so we want to make sure our clients are set up for success. 

High Yield Greenhouse- inside

With a HighYield™ Kit, you’re getting more than just a greenhouse. You’re getting a fully equipped growing system with grow and data support – something you just can’t find with other greenhouse companies. Ceres is your one stop shop for your commercial greenhouse needs. If you have any questions about our commercial greenhouses or you have a project in mind, contact us today. 

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