Aquaponics and hydroponics are both methods of growing plants in greenhouses without soil. Soil-less growing can be the right choice for specific applications. Contact us today and discover which aquaponic or hydroponic system is right for your greenhouse.

Aquaponic Greenhouses

Aquaponics is a system of soil-less growing that uses fish to create a fertilizer that can be recycled continuously throughout the growing system.

Ceres standard and custom aquaponic greenhouse designs are optimized for growing in a range of climates. We work closely with The Aquaponic Source™ to design and build greenhouses that integrate seamlessly with a range of aquaponic systems. Choose from our pre-engineered aquaponics greenhouse designs, or we can custom design a greenhouse to fit your system.



150-200 heads of LETTUCE or LEAFY GREENS weekly

300-400 lbs. of FISH annually

450 lbs. of TOMATOES annually

270 MICROGREEN flats annually


400-450 heads of LETTUCE or LEAFY GREENS weekly

600-650 lbs. of FISH annually

450 lbs of TOMATOES annually

520 MICROGREEN flats annually


800-900 heads of LETTUCE or LEAFY GREENS weekly

800-850 lbs. of FISH annually

900 lbs. of TOMATOES annually

620 MICROGREEN flats annually

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Join us on a tour of a Ceres operating greenhouse and learn how to grow fresh food in a controlled aquaponic or hydroponic structure environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For backyard gardeners (under 1,000 sq. ft.), we recommend using our Back Yard Kit or our Residential Greenhouse Plans and purchasing an aquaponics or hydroponics kit, such as those available from The Aquaponic Source (for Aquaponics), or building your own system.

For aquaponics/hydroponics greenhouse over 1,000 sq. ft., our HighYield™ Kit Greenhouses provide simple, cost-effective installation and durable structures for both systems. These can be combined with a pre-designed system, or a system you design and construct.

We are always here to help in the design and greenhouse selection process. Please get in touch with more about the best fit for your situation.

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