What kind of grower are you?

grow your own food- inside home tropical greenhouse

Are you thinking about purchasing a greenhouse? Do you wonder what to grow in a greenhouse? Do you question what greenhouse climate control systems are really necessary? How to use a greenhouse? Should you run your greenhouse in the winter? If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on. 

Purchasing a greenhouse for your home is a big decision. It can be overwhelming. 

Once you have decided which greenhouse to purchase, the questions keep coming. Should you grow in soil? Use a hydroponics system? Raised beds? Plant directly in the soil? 

As a means of simplifying the process we developed this guide to help you identify what type of grower you might be. If you see yourself as any of the following it might be helpful to design your residential greenhouse similarly (implement similar climate control systems, grow similar vegetables, etc.). And if you are not quite any of the following, reach out and we can help you figure out how best to navigate your greenhouse design. 

Meet The Smith’s: A loving family of 4, working together in the greenhouse to learn about growing and eating better

grow your own food- inside home family greenhouse

Goals: The Smith’s want to grow year round, be healthy, all while trying to eat more vegetables on a budget. In the summer they supplement their greenhouse with an outside garden. 

Location: Maine

Grow Systems: Soil growers, nursery racks

Climate Control Systems: Internal GAHT®, backup heater (lowest temperature set points at 50F degrees in the winter), shade paint/shade cloth

Growing: Perennial culinary herbs, annual veggies with a focus on hardier vegetables during the colder times of the year, a dwarf citrus tree. 

The Smith’s are choosing to grow somewhat seasonally, while enjoying the perks of fresh veggies year round.

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Meet Professor Chew: A retired teacher looking for energy-efficient growing solutions and interesting plant varieties 

grow your own food- inside home hydroponic greenhouse

Goals: Professor Chew wants to explore new climate control systems and learn different methods/systems of growing in his backyard greenhouse. He is interested in sustainability and renewable energy, and is eager to get to know Ceres’ innovative technologies. 

Location: Pacific Northwest

Grow System: Aquaponics

Climate Control Systems: Dehumidification, shade paint, internal GAHT®, supplemental lighting

Growing: Annual veggies, herbs, ornamental vegetables, fish supplied by aquaponics system

Professor Chew is choosing to grow what he can through the most interesting and energy efficient means he can.

Meet Erin Richards: An easy going desert dweller looking for her “cool” greenhouse oasis

grow your own food- inside home tropical greenhouse

Goals: Erin Richards is looking to have a beautiful desert oasis so that she can grow exotic fruits and relax in a peaceful environment

Location: Tucson, AZ

Grow Systems: Soil (raised beds)

Systems: Solar power, evaporative cooling (wet wall), automated shade cloth, external GAHT®

Growing: Mango, papaya, ginger, sweet potatoes, passion fruit, banana tree

Erin Richards is choosing to grow exotic varieties, and enjoy the greenhouse as a place for relaxation.

Meet Bonnie Greens: A hard-charging farmer looking for a multipurpose greenhouse for her vegetable growing business

grow your own food- inside home farmer greenhouse

Goals: Bonnie Greens is looking for a season extension, a place to both start seeds in the springtime, and use as a “hot house” in the summer. During the winter months she would like to grow for her personal use.

Location: Wisconsin

Grow System: Soil (directly in the ground)

Climate Control Systems: Supplemental lighting, heater, shade paint, dehumidification

Growing: From February-May she would like to use half the greenhouse for seasonal starts and the other half for over-wintered cold hardy vegetables. In April and May she would like to plant hot season crops like tomatoes and peppers. Come August she plans to plant her winter garden. 

Bonnie Greens is choosing to use her greenhouse in a multifaceted way. While a residential grower, she is also looking to help her farming business.

Don’t see yourself here? Contact us and we can customize a “grow plan” for you. 

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