The future of farming will see an increase in Controlled Environment Agriculture, utilizing open urban spaces and even rooftops. As technological innovation in agriculture evolves, farming will continue to move closer to population centers.

Urban farming can increase economic opportunity for both communities and individual businesses, as well as help build stronger social networks, and provide economic and health-related growth.

We can customize our greenhouse solutions for your rooftops, empty lots, or any urban space.

Rabensteiner grocery store greenhouse

We work with Rabensteiner to customize a solution for your rooftop grow

Advantages of a Rooftop Greenhouse

  • Increased access and availability of fresh produce
  • Energy savings- heat from the greenhouse can be used to heat the building
  • Water savings- reduces stormwater runoff by capturing and using rainwater for irrigation
  • Improved air quality- more moisture and oxygen that can be filtered back into the building
  • Reduction in “urban heat island effect”
  • Increased property value- urban greenhouses are attractive structures that bring value to the community
  • Land savings- in some situations space is limited, and in others land is unaffordable for many
  • Transportation cost savings- farm to table travel distance is greatly reduced, as well as supply chain challenges that arise from a long distance food economy
  • Community asset- rooftop greenhouses can increase community engagement in local agriculture, provide an educational opportunity in understanding food systems, and can support existing initiatives to aid underserved communities

Applications for Rooftop Greenhouses

Rooftop greenhouses are the logical growing option where space is a limiting factor; and they are ideal for producing food or providing gardening options to those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to grow.

Rooftop greenhouses may also serve the following applications:

  • Communal sunroom- warm living harbor in a cold climate
  • Grocery store produce supply- combining growing & shopping
  • Restaurant adjunct- a beautiful space to sit and be served above a restaurant, coffee shop, or hotel
  • Restaurant production space- food is grown above a restaurant in order to preserve freshness, reduce travel expenses, etc.
  • Community room, hotel atrium, event center, etc.- there are limitless opportunities and applications for using a  “green house” space
Rabensteiner grocery greenhouse- outside
Rabensteiner rooftop greenhouse- inside

Ceres Custom Collaboration Greenhouse Projects

Ceres has partnered with European Manufactures to provide custom greenhouse solutions engineered specifically for rooftop agriculture.

We will also work with local or national architects or engineering companies to bring greenhouse expertise including: structure, climate control, and grow equipment.

Ceres Rooftop Greenhouse Projects

We offer the following Ceres greenhouse designs for new rooftop greenhouse builds:

Incorporating a rooftop greenhouse is most easily achieved when the structure is integrated into a new build design.

Adding a rooftop to an existing structure is a more complex undertaking and we’re happy to provide more information on this as well.

rooftop urban greenhouse

A Ceres engineered HighYield™ Kit rooftop greenhouse

Urban Greenhouse

Urban Agriculture Greenhouses

Farming in an urban setting requires careful consideration of a host of new factors. Presently, there are great resources for prospective urban farmers wishing to embark on a new kind of agricultural journey.

Our Financing Resources provides a broad level overview of greenhouse funding, grants, and financing resources available.

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