A New Kind of Fast Food

Ceres mobile greenhouse
Mobile greenhouse
Our mobile greenhouse just outside of Palisade, CO

A mini- greenhouse goes on the road. Driving around Colorado, and soon the country, we call it fast food.

At CERES we often discuss how difficult it is to try to explain what our greenhouses actually feel like when you walk into them. Regardless of the season outside, its always spring or summer inside the greenhouses, and the smell of flowering plants, the humidity in the air, is something that is hard to convey through a brochure. Which led to the decision to build a mini greenhouse, on a trailer, so that we can actually bring a fully functioning greenhouse around to farmers markets, sustainable living fairs, client visits, to actually show people what these greenhouses are, what they can do, how they feel when you are inside them, etc. We decided to go small, truly a scale model of what we do, but to build it as similar to the real thing as we can on this smaller scale. We chose a 5’x 8’ trailer as our platform, and we got to work. The overall concept of the mobile greenhouse uses the same principles as the passive solar greenhouses we sell: insulated walls, windowless on the north wall (for the northern hemisphere), double pane glass windows on the South, East and West walls and integrated thermal mass. The mobile greenhouse demonstrates the GAHT system (aka, ground to air heat exchanger) buried in the raised beds to provide an automated, energy-efficient source of heating and cooling. Because this greenhouse is built on a trailer, there will be air flowing under the greenhouse year-round, which will make it less efficient than our installed models, but we do expect to be able to grow year-round, and more importantly we will be able to show people the amazing feeling of walking into a well-built greenhouse. It’s driving all over, including the bumpy roads outside Gunnison, CO. Contact us to see if we’ll be at an event near you.

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