All Ceres greenhouses are designed to allow for sun-harvesting, providing the predominant energy source not only for plant growth but also for the structure’s energy needs. Our Solar Powered Greenhouse Design includes the highest quality building materials.

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Our design services include: Preliminary Design Services, Structural and Mechanical Greenhouse Design, Climate Control Integration, and 3D Building Information Modeling.

Preliminary Design Greenhouse

Preliminary Design Services

The objective of the Preliminary Design is to simplify the preliminary decision-making steps in order to provide a clear description of the project as defined by the client preferences, site constraints, system requirements, timeline, and budget. It is our goal to guide our clients through the complex and iterative design process to ensure a growing and thriving greenhouse operation.

Structural & Mechanical Greenhouse Design

In addition to our patented passive solar greenhouse design and high quality structural and glazing materials, Ceres offers a number of additional building services including:

  • Structural and Foundation design
  • Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Engineering
  • Full construction documents for easy building on site
  • Design and integration of heating and cooling systems, including our GAHT® and EcoLoop® systems
side cut of greenhouse- 3D

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We use this 3D modeling process for accurate and efficient solar powered greenhouse design and construction.

Features of BIM:

  • Money Savings. Greater detail, accuracy, and increased compatibility with other software.
  • Accuracy. Clash detection determines when features of the design do not fit together.
  • Coordination. 3D mapping enables easier transfer of data across mechanical, electrical, architectural, and plumbing plans.
  • Forecasting. Energy modeling can be used to predict performance of systems.
  • Better Design Process. Better forecasting tools allow for better predictions about the performance of systems and structures.

Finance Your Greenhouse

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