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Let’s take a look at some past examples of Consulting, Design Development and Environmental Optimization Services

GAHT® Consulting- Tasmania

Why did they come to us?

The clients originally came to us for consulting on their own climate system and greenhouse design that the local architects from Tasmania designed for the Great Lakes Community Centre. The greenhouse that they designed was similar to our design in terms of how they integrated the geothermal systems. They wanted advice on pipe placement, fan placement, and overall greenhouse orientation/design.

What we provided:

We reviewed the plans and had an initial call with the client. We discussed changing the placement of the outlet/ inlet pipes, and fans. The discussion lead to providing pricing on a custom GAHT® design which they decided to go with. We ended up providing them with a custom GAHT® design, custom materials list, and the GAHT® installation guide. We continued to work with them as they installed the GAHT® design with local materials. 

Custom GAHT® in Norway 

Why did they come to us?

The client originally came to us for designing a GAHT® system for his custom greenhouse in Norway. We had an initial call to discuss the custom GAHT® system design. He hadn’t installed the greenhouse yet and was not growing anything. He wanted to grow fruits and veggies year-round in this cold climate. He did not originally come to us with interest in ETFE glazing, but was open to glazing recommendations, as he was still in the designing phase of the greenhouse.

What we provided:

We provided a full custom GAHT® design with materials list for the client to source all of the equipment locally. The conversation also included ETFE glazing for his greenhouse, which we priced out based on his greenhouse dimensions and climate. We then provided a full materials contract for ETFE glazing along with the track and installation instructions.

ETFE greenhouse international consulting ETFE greenhouse consulting

Rodwin Architecture Greenhouse- ETFE

Why did they come to us?

They originally came to us for consulting on the greenhouse climate control for their clients in Longmont, CO. They provided us with full drawings of the greenhouse designed by Rodwin Architecture, which was designed to have its own unique aesthetic. The clients wanted to be able to use the greenhouse year-round and were mainly concerned with cooling and which glazing material to use.

What we provided:

The consulting call provided info on our climate control options (i.e GAHT®, EcoPack™, louvers, glazing). They decided to pay for a consulting package and we put together a contract for an ETFE installation.

Greenhouse Design Development Consulting – Aquaponics Rooftop Greenhouse in Montreal, QC

Why did they come to us?

The client came to us because they were looking for help to design/engineer the structural details and climate controls in their conceptual design for a rooftop GH. The conceptual drawings were from the client’s architect. The purpose of the GH was to grow produce via aquaponics and sell at the ground floor retail space. They also required ETFE for the glazing due to fire code requirements from the city of Montreal.

What we provided:

We executed a 60-hour design consulting agreement to provide them with our scope of services including:

  • 3D and schematic drawings
  • Ventilation strategy
  • Climate control sizing for evaporative cooling, automated light deprivation system, LED grow lights, and horizontal airflow fans
  • Provided ETFE calculations and configurations to comply with their local municipalities’ requirements
  • Design coordination meetings with their aquaponics system supplier, MEP, structural, and civil engineers

design development consulting

Greenhouse Optimization Consulting- Kondratovice, Poland.

While the two greenhouses were well built, there were obvious upgrade and utilization recommendations to consider for optimization.

The biggest limitation with these facilities was the control system, which created challenges for both light and air flow. There were also recommendations made for substantial changes to the use of dehumidification. All changes and upgrades suggested by Ceres were intended to help the greenhouse operate more efficiently, increase yields, and reduce energy usage of the facility (making the operation more sustainable). 

This project was big and complicated and involved a lot of design considerations and recommendations. Below is an example of one of these recommendations.

Example of one of the statements of problem:

  • Light levels in the greenhouses are always too low– both natural light and artificial.

Some of the recommendations for solutions:

  • Replacing glazing from double pane glass to ETFE (or similar high performance covering)
  • Increasing the artificial lights in the remaining chamber from 350 ppfd to 700 ppfd
  • Removal of current shade cloth and replacing with IR blocking clear shade cloth
  • Change of controller- more sensors and new control logic
  • Painting items white in the greenhouse (planting pots, radiator pipes, floor, etc.)

greenhouse optimization- greenhouse consulting

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