5 Reasons Why Ceres Uses Building Information Modeling For Greenhouse Design

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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D modeling process used for design and construction in order to more accurately plan and build structures. At Ceres we use BIM software in order to create the most efficient and comprehensive processes for detailed design plans and analysis tools. There are a multitude of reasons why our use of BIM benefits your potential greenhouse. Here are 5 major considerations.

  1. Save Money

More detail, accuracy, and better compatibility with other software can allow for fewer mistakes to be made in the planning and design process. More accurate data from the onset leads to less time spent on revisions and the potential of unnecessary equipment. 

  1. Increase Accuracy

Clash detection capabilities recognize when items in the design will not fit together. In the past one would overlay designs for different systems using an assortment of different software. However, designing systems would require the use of software specific to each system, it took some guesswork to make sure that everything would fit into a cohesive final product. 3D contracts can provide all of the data together in one file, and makes it easier to read allowing for better accuracy in placing systems. For example, if you are interested in an aquaponics greenhouse we could integrate this system in the same program as used for designing the structure of the greenhouse. With everything placed together in the same format implementation of the design is done with greater exactitude. 

  1. Building Coordination

3D mapping allows for the transfer of data across processes, including: mechanical, electrical, plumbing, architectural, and even existing building plans. Files are more easily sent, received and understood. Again, this leads back to better accuracy and money savings.

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  1. Forecasting Tools

Loaded into the capabilities of BIM is an assortment of forecasting tools. Energy modeling can be used to make predictions about how specific systems will perform. We can work with you during the building process through the actual growth of your business in order to ensure that you are meeting your growing, sales, and energy optimization goals.

  1. Better Design Process

With better forecasting tools we can better predict how systems and structures will perform. This will allow for us to be able to update our designs and consistently stay on top of the most efficient approaches for operations. This is a perpetual feedback loop, where we increase efficiency, forecasting and construction as you advance your greenhouse business.

Interested in how BIM software can help your greenhouse business? Contact us!

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