Introducing the newest iteration of a Ceres steel greenhouse kit. The HighYield Barn™ Kit is designed for those interested in additional space for storage, processing, the aesthetic, or any other purpose.

HighYield Barn™ Kit

The greenhouse is partitioned from the rest of the barn, which can be used for equipment, animals, storage, processing space, machinery storage, etc. This Kit comes in a 36′ depth. Lengths are available in: 36′, 48′, 60′, and 72′.

The HighYield Barn™ Kit is built with 14-gauge galvanized metal, Standard R-16 wall IMPs, R-20 roof IMPs, 16mm triple wall poly glazing, entry and garage doors. These Kits also include exhaust fans and intake vents, sized to meet the cooling load of the greenhouse, depending on climate.

We will ship greenhouse materials to the job site where the greenhouse will be built by a local contractor. We recommend getting a Construction Manager to help in this construction process.

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Greenhouse Kits FAQs

Easy shipping anywhere in the US and Canada. If you are elsewhere please contact us for a shipping cost estimate.

You can install a HighYield™ Kit yourself, or hire installation out to a local contractor. You can also opt to have a Ceres construction supervisor oversee the construction process and direct your building crew.

This depends on your level on construction experience. Assembling a HighYield™ Kit requires significant construction experience and a crew of at least 3 people. You can get a sense of the steps needed to build a HighYield™ kit from our video. The following equipment and tools are required to install a HighYield™ Kit:

  • Riveter
  • Hammer drill
  • Boom lift with forks and cage
  • Circular saw with a metal blade
  • Corded impact driver

If you have experience with those tools, you can probably build a HighYield™ Kit on your own. We still recommend hiring one of Ceres Construction Managers to assist with the process.

Because each greenhouse is slightly different – tailored for your climate and growing goals—we provide custom quotes for all our energy-efficient commercial greenhouses. Pricing starts at $35 per sq. ft. for un-installed greenhouses. Please contact us to start a custom greenhouse quote.

Our Backyard Kits start at 12k. Due to the specific complexity of each project, prices on the website serve only as approximate amounts. Contact us to discuss your project.

Yes, we offer our own renewable heating/cooling system, as well as other climate control and growing systems.

Growing systems are customized according to growers’ needs, and specified after a consultation. Ceres can size, design and source:

  • Hydroponic and aquaponic systems
  • Light deprivation systems
  • Supplemental lighting, automated shade systems
  • Climate control and HVAC equipment
  • Monitoring systems

HighYield Barn™ Kit FAQs

At present, there are no standard options for different eave heights. It would be possible for a custom design fee, but raising the eave height could significantly affect structural engineering, truss spacing, and building cost.

Yes. We can do increments of 6’, but we suggest going with one of our pre engineered designs. 

24 feet wide by whatever length you choose.

For now we are only using 16mm polycarbonate.

Yes. We currently have one 4’ wide pass-through door from the greenhouse to the flex space. Other door configurations are possible for a custom design fee.

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