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Custom Commercial Greenhouses

Ceres commercial custom grow greenhouse design are passive solar inspired structures designed for spaces over 3,000 sq. ft. These dimensions are customized to suit the site and operational layout. Our custom commercial greenhouses are constructed with steel framing, the strongest and longest-lasting framing material. Framing can span up to 80′ (depending on snow loads), allowing greater flexibility with layout options. Custom projects have longer design times and slightly higher build costs than our greenhouse kit options. Pricing starts at $45 per square foot.

Custom Residential Greenhouses

We provide consulting, design and architectural drawing, and engineering services for our custom residential greenhouses. Custom residential greenhouse designs are based on our passive solar design principles. Size and potential complexity of a project are determining factors for how customized a project can be. We will work with your existing Architect or Engineers to conceive and implement the greenhouse that fits your goals.

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Custom Greenhouse Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a custom year round greenhouse depends on a lot of things, primarily the size, how “customized” the greenhouse is designed, how you source the materials and who builds it. A custom commercial greenhouse will vary in cost from custom greenhouse kits, and from residential greenhouses. For more information contact us.

This varies greatly by location, what you are trying to grow, and whether you are growing for personal use or commercial sales. In areas with mild winters, a residential passive solar greenhouses can grow year-round without any back-up heating. Greenhouses in cold areas can even grow very hardy crops year-round without heating. However, to grow a wider variety of crops, in most cold climates an energy-efficient greenhouse will require some back-up heating. This is usually turned on during a few very cold nights a year — the extreme cold snaps — when a GAHT® system, thermal mass, or phase change material is not sufficient to keep temperatures high enough.

Residential growers typically add an electric heater for the coldest times of the year. Commercial growers typically integrate propane or electric heat. We can help you integrate a back-up heater when designing your commercial greenhouse.

Yes! Attached greenhouses have many advantages, such as provide passive solar heating for the home. However, they require specialized materials and air exchanges for an energy-efficient structure. Depending on the project, we will sometimes team with Architects and local contractors in building durable, beautiful and efficient greenhouses.

Many solar greenhouse designers recommend using a roof angle that is perpendicular to the angle of the sun in the winter. While this does indeed maximize light transmission in the winter, the effect of a lower angle is not severe. We explain this relationship much further in our blog, Choosing the Best Roof Angle for your Greenhouse. Furthermore, there are a few logistical challenges to creating very steep pitch — you cannot use glass view windows on the south; it can reduce headroom or create an awkwardly tall greenhouse. Due to these pros and cons, most of our residential growers are built with a shallow angle roof. If you have a need for a steeply pitched roof, just ask us.

Yes, we work with clients all over the world. We can sometimes design custom greenhouse kits depending on your location and the specifics needed for your greenhouse.

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