Custom Greenhouses

In addition to our greenhouse kits, we do offer custom greenhouse solutions for particular commercial and educational applications. We also offer consulting and design development services.

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Custom Commercial Greenhouses

Ceres commercial custom grow greenhouse design are passive solar inspired structures designed for spaces over 3,000 sq. ft. These dimensions are customized to suit the site and operational layout. Our custom commercial greenhouses are constructed with steel framing, the strongest and longest-lasting framing material. Framing can span up to 80′ (depending on snow loads), allowing greater flexibility with layout options. Custom projects have longer design times and slightly higher build costs than our greenhouse kit options. 

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Custom Design Development Services

This package incorporates our established passive greenhouse principles with our in-house design expertise in order to establish a healthy growing environment for your plants. Custom Greenhouse Design Development is only available if you have an existing architect and/or structural engineer, or are an architect/engineer looking for greenhouse specific design support. It is currently only available for commercial or educational greenhouses.

Included in the Custom Greenhouse Design Development Package:

  • Plans for your Greenhouse:
    • Plan, elevations, sections and 3D views 
    • Sun study 
    • One set of revisions (this is a revision of the greenhouse shell and does not include design details)
    • Collaborating/supporting your architect
  • Material Greenhouse Specific Recommendations:
    • Glazing (light-transmitting materials) 
    • Insulation 
    • Moisture proof strategies
  • Climate Control Systems Sizing and Recommendations:
    • Calculation time for sizing equipment (ventilation and additional heating and cooling systems) 
    • Placement of equipment
    • Recommended supplier list 

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Custom Greenhouse FAQs

The cost of a custom year round greenhouse depends on a lot of things, primarily the size, how “customized” the greenhouse is designed, how you source the materials and who builds it. For more information contact us.

Many solar greenhouse designers recommend using a roof angle that is perpendicular to the angle of the sun in the winter. While this does indeed maximize light transmission in the winter, the effect of a lower angle is not severe. We explain this relationship much further in our blog, Choosing the Best Roof Angle for your GreenhouseFurthermore, there are a few logistical challenges to creating very steep pitch — you cannot use glass view windows on the south; it can reduce headroom or create an awkwardly tall greenhouse. Due to these pros and cons, most of our residential growers are built with a shallow angle roof. If you have a need for a steeply pitched roof, just ask us.

Yes, we work with clients all over the world. We can sometimes design custom greenhouse kits depending on your location and the specifics needed for your greenhouse.

We can help with sourcing greenhouse specific materials such as controllers, polycarbonate roof-materials and other climate control equipment. However, you and your contractor will be responsible for sourcing all other materials locally. 

No, since we work with clients all over the U.S. and even internationally we do not do permitting. If there are resources you or your architect needs in order to apply for a permit, our Architectural Design Team will do our best to support you in this process.

No. Ceres is a Design & Engineering firm, so we do not build the greenhouse. We work with contractors all over the US and can give recommendations depending on your location. Regardless, our team will be there for you every step of the way from design to construction and will be happy to answer questions along the way.

We have a referral list of contractors our clients have worked with, and can make recommendations based on your site location. 

Yes, however you will need to contact another firm that specializes in pools. Our focus at Ceres is to create an energy-efficient environment, for happy healthy plant growth. We don’t recommend chlorine pools because it can be harmful to the plants. If you are interested in integrating a pool we recommend a nature pool. 

Yes. And check out our Glass Architecture page to see what kind of custom projects are available. 

While these differ slightly from traditional greenhouses, the potential for what can be built with glass is expansive.

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