Ceres’ Design and Development Package for Custom Greenhouse Designs

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At Ceres we specialize in passive solar greenhouse design for many different types of growers. While most of our clients are looking for a full turnkey greenhouse solution, some are seeking consulting services on custom greenhouse design. As a solutions company, we help these types of clients with our design knowledge and vendor relationships in order to collaborate towards a final product that, while different from our standard designs, will allow for sustainable, year-round abundant growth. 

After years of consulting on various custom greenhouse designs, we’ve developed a structured scope of work to offer growers who already have an existing architect or structural engineer, or even architectural firms integrating greenhouses. This offering is called the Ceres Design and Development Package, and it’s a service that incorporates our energy-efficient, passive solar design principles into your custom greenhouse project to ensure a healthy growing environment for your plants.

Who is this package for?

Our Design Development service caters to a diverse range of clientele, including both residential and commercial clients who desire custom greenhouse solutions tailored to their specific needs. It’s ideal for those seeking unique applications like integrating green spaces into restaurants or biophilic environments. Additionally, organizations in need of expertise in grow facility design and construction, such as research facilities or agricultural ventures like the USDA, can benefit. Architects looking to incorporate green elements into their designs, whether for commercial biophilic structures or residential greenhouses, will find our service invaluable. Furthermore, clients eager to innovate and embrace cutting-edge technologies and solutions will discover tailored support to bring their visions to life.

What is included in the Design and Development package?

  • Greenhouse design review:
    • Redline and review of existing greenhouse plans 
    • Shading study
    • Custom greenhouse design is offered in partnership with the client’s architect/designer
  • Greenhouse-specific material recommendations:
    • Insulation
    • Glazing (light-transmitting materials)  
    • Moisture proofing strategies
  • Recommendations on Climate Control Strategy (vented v. sealed):
    • Strategy for climate control
    • HVAC+D sizing & recommendations
    • Recommendations of suppliers 
  • Energy calculations:
    • Vented greenhouses: preliminary energy usage based on weather files analysis (ventilation, lighting, etc.)
    • Sealed greenhouses: evaluated on project-by-project basis; requires more extensive modeling

Additional Offerings:

design development residential greenhouse interior

Greenhouse Design and Development Case Study:

Our clients came to Ceres with a vision for a custom greenhouse design. It was important that the design matched the style of their home, and integrated well into the existing garden and woodland landscape on their site in Eugene, Oregon. They were working with an architect on some initial concepts when they came across Ceres’ passive solar greenhouse designs. While matching the architectural style of their home was a critical part of the greenhouse, it was also important that they could grow year round. Other important aspects of the design included having a space where they could enjoy tea on cold, rainy winter mornings amongst plants.

Greenhouses are notoriously energy-intensive structures. This can be a great opportunity for Ceres to collaborate with growers and architects to share our knowledge on designing spaces for plants to thrive, and people to visit. In the initial kick-off meeting our clients shared some initial sketches and precedents she found from looking at photos for inspiration online:

design development- residential greenhouse drawing
design development- residential greenhouse sketch

In collaborating with our clients, our goal was to help them design the most energy-efficient structure. This would include studying the solar angles and wind direction on the proposed site to come up with an optimal structure orientation for harvesting as much sunlight, and wind energy as possible. We integrated Ceres’ passive solar design principles to design the structure, and then made recommendations on the materials, and climate control equipment the client would need to grow tomatoes, culinary herbs, non-tropical flowers, a dwarf lemon tree, and houseplants in climate zone 8b.

design development residential greenhouse render

The client completed construction in January of 2022, and consulted with Ceres to bring her vision to life with plants in the greenhouse!

“We feel very lucky to have found Ceres and to have their extensive greenhouse design experience reflected in the passive solar systems and design of our unbelievably gorgeous greenhouse. The space is both deeply beautiful and very functional. I am thrilled every day to have this greenhouse and so thankful to have been able to build it right the first time, thanks to Ceres’ expertise. Now as I begin the learning curve of growing indoors, we have been wonderfully surprised to also have ongoing access to the experienced advice of the Grow Team. Ceres rocks!” 

 – Erika L., Eugene, OR

design development residential greenhouse construction
design development outside greenhouse

If you are interested in Ceres’ Design Development Package and would like to know more or request a customized quote, contact us today!

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