Ceres works with you to design a custom, climate-controlled greenhouse that gives you precise control over your greenhouse’s environment. Thus streamlining the growing process, so that you can optimize your space, increase your production, and lower your energy costs.


Mechanical Systems

We engineer our greenhouses to work with mechanical systems that make sense for your particular grow. Factors such as what you plan to grow, your climate, and your budget will help us determine which systems will work best for you. Some of our options include: venting, evaporative cooling walls (wet walls), Ceres EcoLoop™ geothermal, and root-zone and hydronic heating.

Monitor & Controller

When building out a climate controlled greenhouse, integrating all your systems to completely automate your greenhouse is key. At Ceres, we provide custom solutions for controllers to match up against the climate system you choose to use.

Greenhouse Controls

GAHT™ System

When looking at greenhouse climate control systems, an advanced climate battery, or GAHT™ system enables the greenhouse to store extra solar energy in the soil underground. We have often called this a ‘self-heating’ system, as it allows the structure to use passive solar energy collected by the greenhouse itself.

Finance Your Greenhouse

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