Could your greenhouse achieve 5% higher yields? Could you be saving 10% on your monthly energy costs? Information is power, and with Ceres’ wireless monitoring system collecting that information has never been easier.

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Ceres’ Real-Time and Long-Term Data Solution

Ceres’ web-based climate monitoring system provides real-time tracking of greenhouse conditions, plus the ability to evaluate your greenhouse performance over the long-term.

We combine monitoring with our personalized consulting service, providing recommendations based on your data to ensure your greenhouse operates at peak performance, year-round.

Our process for data installation



Decide on ideal control systems for specific greenhouse/growing needs



Install control systems


Post Build

Data Collection and analysis

* While this timeline is ideal, we will work with you to install this service at any stage in your process.


Don’t Have a Ceres Greenhouse? No Problem.

We also offer data installation & collection services for those without Ceres Greenhouses. Data Analysis for:

  • GH temperature
  • GH humidity & relative humidity
  • GH Vapor Pressure Deficit
  • GH PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation→ the light that plants use) light
  • GH Energy Consumption
  • Soil Measurements (Ph, moisture, electrical conductivity, etc.)

Finance Your Greenhouse

Looking for financial help?
We can help you find funding for your greenhouse project.

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