How the City of Maryland Heights is Rethinking the Greenhouse Effect

Maryland Heights Greenhouse Project

Climate Zone – Maryland Heights, Missouri, Zone 6b
Size – (2x) 30’x80’ greenhouses, one greenhouse has an inline headhouse for adjacent classroom space 
Type – HighYield™ Kit 
Crop – herbs, vegetables, and flowers
Year Complete – 2023
Application – educational, community 

Ceres designed two HighYield™ Kit greenhouses for the city of Maryland Heights, MO, to be an integral part of their Greenhouse, Garden, and Sustainability Center – which is a sustainability campus focused on urban agriculture and renewable resources. 

This project is unique because methane gas from a nearby landfill is being captured to heat the greenhouses. Methane, a potent greenhouse gas, is a significant contributor to global warming, with 15% of U.S. emissions coming from municipal solid waste landfills. The greenhouse project, which involves a partnership between the city, landfill, renewable energy center, and Pattonville High School, aims to repurpose methane emissions for community and educational use. 

The sustainability campus, which received an $850,000 grant, includes greenhouses, an interpretive center, and walking paths. This project not only reduces harmful emissions but also contributes to local food systems and educational programs. With this campus, Maryland Heights aims to showcase a sustainable model that can inspire other cities to adopt similar practices, ultimately leading to reduced methane emissions nationwide.

To read more about this project, check out our article in Greenhouse Grower.

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