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Exploring the Possibilities of Year-Round Gardening in a Greenhouse

We review several client success stories in this blog, all describing dramatically different climates and growing goals. 

Our first story is about a client who specializes in tropical plants in a non-tropical environment.

grow your own food- inside home tropical greenhouse

What Kind of Grower Are You?

We have created 4 greenhouse grower personas, each representing a different grower with different needs. Read this blog to see if one of them might describe something close to what you might be looking for. 

Scroll to the third persona to meet “Erin Richards”– our tropical plants grower. 

grow tropical plants in greenhouse- coffee

The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee, By Way of Greenhouse

A fun look at a client’s quest to engineer the perfect cup of coffee. 

This blog starts with building the greenhouse for cultivating the coffee plants he needs in order to brew that coffee himself, in Northern California!

A Tropical Greenhouse at Golden Hoof Farms

Take a tour of one of our earliest greenhouse projects: the tropical greenhouse of Golden Hoof Farms. This passive solar greenhouse represents a larger “slow food” model that the farm hopes to embody, with the goals of operating sustainably and bringing people back to their connection with nature and food.

school greenhouse desoign

Ceres Passive Solar Design Philosophy

What makes Ceres’ greenhouses so incredibly resilient? Whether you are looking for a backyard greenhouse, or a productive commercial operating, our designs will allow you to meet your specific growing goals. 

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