Built for the toughest climates.

Grow Abundantly Year Round in Any Climate

At Ceres we are committed to developing a complete solution for all your needs, including: design, implementation, and optimization. We specialize in year round, energy efficient growing, no matter the climate. 

exterior cold climate greenhouse

Cold Weather Greenhouses

Looking for a greenhouse to grow year-round in any climate? Ceres specializes in highly insulated, efficient grow environments.

Considerations in Design:

  • The HighYield™ Kit is built with galvanized steel framing, along with highly insulated IMPs, glazing, and doors
  • Design and integration of all HVAC, supplemental lighting, and automation systems
  • Data Analysis for ongoing optimization

...And into the Summer as well!

Grow vegetables all year round with anyone of our greenhouse kit options. We offer BackYard KitsHighYield™ Kits, Attached Headhouse Kits, Commercial Modular Kits, or Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Plans.

Ceres specializes in 4 season greenhouse growing.

What is a GAHT® System?

Our Ground to Air Heat Transfer system provides energy-efficient climate control by using the mass of soil underground. Sometime called a climate battery, the GAHT® system serves four essential functions:

  • Air circulation
  • Heating and cooling
  • Humidity control
  • Renewable climate control


A GAHT® system is a great supplemental HVAC system for your year round greenhouse!

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