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Ceres Energy-Efficient Greenhouses

Partnering with Eocycle wind turbines for sustainable, net zero grow solutions

Ceres is proud to be partnering with Eocycle to achieve zero carbon emission food production.

Now commercial growers can combine Eocycle’s certified wind turbine renewable energy technology with Ceres’ energy-efficient design to grow food for their communities with no environmental compromise.

Eocycle wind turbine closeup

Why Use a Certified Eocycle Wind Turbine?

  • Pays for itself
  • Green image is good for business
  • Clean, high-quality power with zero carbon emissions
  • Quiet, reliable, and compact
  • Delivers 50% more energy (then the second best turbine of similar size)

Federal Incentives for Renewable Energy

98% of your project cost back in year 1!

  • 30% Investment Tax Credit (ITC): ITC currently offers a tax credit for 30% the of investment costs at the start of the project, for certified wind turbines like the ones offered by Eocycle.
  • 21% Bonus Depreciation: This incentive allows for the depreciation of 100% of the eligible costs of the turbine investment within the first year. 85% deemed eligible.
  • 50% Rural Energy for America Program (REAP): Helps rural businesses adopt renewable energy systems with grant funding, which provides up to 50% of total eligible project costs.
EOCYCLE wind turbine
Energy Efficiency research in Ceres Greenhouse- inside greenhouse

Higher Efficiency, Lower Costs, Net Zero Energy

Ceres’ commercial greenhouses have the capability to run entirely on electricity which means that it’s possible for our growers to rely solely on wind and solar to operate their greenhouses.

With renewable energy (such as Eocycle turbines) Ceres greenhouses are capable of being completely net zero, by not producing any carbon emissions.

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