What is the Ceres EcoLoop™?

Cooling and heating a greenhouse can often be expensive. We leverage the technology of the Ceres EcoLoop™ geothermal HVAC system, a renewable energy source that utilizes the earth’s steady temperature (between 45º and 60ºF) to create precise, desired climates in each greenhouse environment.

The Ceres EcoLoop™ is designed solely for Ceres greenhouses and has been specifically designed to work with the Ceres SunChamber™ (sealed grow facility).

*The EcoLoop™ designed for a greenhouse is patented under US patent number US 11s006s586 B2.
For any other application the patent for the EcoLoop™ is pending.

Why the Ceres EcoLoop™?

Precise Control

The EcoLoop™ system’s temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential (VPD) is monitored and controlled by the Ceres SunSense™ Greenhouse Controller.

Longer Lasting

Geothermal has a comparable upfront cost to chillers but life expectancy is longer and energy consumption is significantly lower.

The ground loop lifespan is more than 75 years. Heat pump operating life is more than 20 years. Heat pumps can be reinstalled in the system easily.

Save Energy. Save Money.

Large rebates are available in many locations.

There is no central pumping station/room needed to provide cooling/heating fluids to the HVAC system, reducing headhouse space and plumbing costs.

SunChamber Commercial Modular Greenhouse

What is Ceres SunChamber™?

The SunChamber™ is a completely sealed grow environment intended for high-value crops. It is characterized by its extraordinary climate control capabilities.

sealed section of greenhouse
inside sunchamber

What is Included in the Ceres SunChamber™?

  • The EcoLoop™ geothermal HVAC system
  • Ceres automated SunSense™ Controller for monitoring & optimizing environmental conditions
  • A fully sealed facility, adhering to fundamental Good Manufacturing Principles
  • Ozone water treatment & water reclamation
  • Supplemental CO2 (intended to help plant growth)
  • Fertigation Systems
  • Customized grow systems, biosecurity, air purification, and clean in place (CIP) sanitation systems

*The SunChamber™ is defined by its sealed environment and its systems. Layout choice will depend on engineering, site considerations, budget, climate, etc.  

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