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Community Greenhouse at Blue Sky Lodge – Imagining an Educational Vacation

Blue Sky Lodge is a luxury retreat experience in Utah that offers guests spirited mountain adventures and a chance to reconnect with nature as well as activities and amenities for peak relaxation. One of the unique aspects of Blue Sky is the sustainable farm at the ranch that grows fruits and vegetables for the guests year-round. The farm is named “Gracie’s Farm” and is run by Lynsey Gammon, who is now a Ceres greenhouse operator as well as a skilled farmer. We reached out to Lynsey to tell us more about her farm and her journey in finding a greenhouse that would extend her growing season and be an educational tool for her organic farm school. 

About Blue Sky’s Greenhouse and Farm – as told by Lynsey (head FarmHer): 

Gracie’s Farm at Blue Sky is located at 6000 ft elevation in the high desert outside of Park City, UT. Our growing season from last frost to first frost is roughly 60 days. This makes growing incredibly difficult even if we have the best summer conditions. But that summer growing season is hot, incredibly dry, and harsh. When planning a farm in such a difficult climate, it is essential to have structures that will extend the growing season and protect the plants from the elements.

When I began doing research on greenhouses that would accommodate these requirements, I knew I needed something that would be innovative and efficient. Our property is dedicated to respecting the land, and giving back more than we take. That being said, we wanted a greenhouse that would reflect those beliefs. I began narrowing my search to find a greenhouse that would use earth’s natural heat to regulate the temps in the greenhouse. This is how I found Ceres. The GAHT® (ground to air heat transfer) system was a hands down selling point for us. Trying to be as climate neutral as we can, we didn’t want a propane heater, and decided we would grow what we could in the appropriate season, and not heat the greenhouse mid-winter with fossil fuels.

ceres greenhouse community farm
Year round Ceres Greenhouse

photos taken from Instagram account: @graciesfarmbluesky

energy efficient ceres greenhouse

We have not been disappointed in our choice. The Ceres greenhouse functions as our nursery year round. Because the temperatures inside the greenhouse rarely dip below freezing, we are able to grow year-round in the house. We grow greens, lettuces, root vegetables, and microgreens throughout the winter. When spring arrives, we start all of our nursery flats in the greenhouse for eventual transplant. This gives us an extra month of growing time, and we are able to produce hundreds and hundreds of pounds of produce throughout the year. We start everything from lettuce, kale, flowers, herbs, and baby beets in the greenhouse. These transplants are well cared for in the consistent temperature of the greenhouse, and then moved outside after roughly 30 days of greenhouse time. 

Experience Farm starts- inside greenhouse
Photo by Auberge Resorts

During the heat of summer, the Ceres greenhouse is the best place to be on the farm. With our evaporative cooler wall and the GAHT® system, it is cool and humid inside and we are able to grow basil and cucumbers throughout that season. Utah nights are still cool in the summers, and thus we need a structure for heat-loving crops. 

experience farm harvesting- ceres greenhouse

The veggies we grow go up to the lodge restaurant, Yuta, as well as several other restaurants in the Park City area. We also host a weekly farm stand at the farm. Guests are always interacting with us on the farm. We have self-guided tours, a more intensive focused private tour, an organic farm school experience with me, farm dinners, and workshops. All of which involve the greenhouse.

Guests are very interested in visiting the greenhouse and it is a huge social asset for the farm. I have been so grateful for our greenhouse and for Ceres’ innovation and distinct high altitude perspective. 

Greenhouses for Community and Connection

As a company that thrives on relationships, it’s rewarding to see our greenhouses exist as a space for learning and connection – whether it be with nature or one another. We love the concept of using vacation as a time to try new things and gain some knowledge in sustainable living and growing your own food. If you’re inspired by Lynsey’s story and want to talk to a greenhouse expert about a greenhouse for your community, contact us today! 

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