Northern Latitude Greenhouses

Looking for a greenhouse to grow year round in any climate? Ceres specializes in highly insulated, efficient grow environments.

Our Northern Latitude Greenhouses are uniquely designed for colder climates with lower amounts of sun availability.

Considerations in Design

• Ideal angle of incidence

• To harvest the most amount of light – winter, shorter days

• Insulated metal panels in sizes R24, R32, R48

What is a GAHT™ System?

GAHT™ systems provide energy-efficient climate control by using the mass of soil underground. Often called ground-to-air heat exchanger or climate battery, GAHT™ systems serve four critical functions:

  • Year-round heating and cooling
  • Humidity control
  • Air circulation
  • Renewable climate control

We offer Highyield Kit™ Greenhouses and Custom Design Greenhouses depending on site specifications and growing needs.