Northern Latitude Greenhouses

Looking for a greenhouse to grow year-round in any climate? Ceres specializes in highly insulated, efficient grow environments.

Our Northern Latitude, 4 season greenhouses are uniquely designed for colder climates with lower amounts of sun availability.

Considerations in Design

• Ideal angle of incidence

• To harvest the most amount of light – winter, shorter days

• Insulated metal panels in sizes R24, R32, R48

Thinking about Food Security?

Grow your own vegetables at home with a Ceres Residential Greenhouse. We offer BackYard Kits, HighYield™ Kits, or Do-It-Yourself Greenhouse Plans.

Operating a greenhouse is not only a great way to get unlimited access to fresh produce, but it can also provide a wonderful opportunity to advance your understanding of biology, learn about greenhouse controls, or teach your kids about growing!

Ceres specializes in 4 season greenhouse growing.

4 season greenhouse Canada

What is a GAHT® System?

GAHT® systems provide energy-efficient climate control by using the mass of soil underground. Often called ground-to-air heat exchanger or climate battery, GAHT® systems serve four critical functions:

  • Year-round heating and cooling
  • Humidity control
  • Air circulation
  • Renewable climate control

A GAHT® system is a great supplemental heating and cooling system for your year round greenhouse!

We offer both Commercial Greenhouse Kits and Residential Greenhouses depending on your growing needs.