What is Sunglo? And Why is it the Perfect Hobby Greenhouse Solution You Might Not Even Know About?

sunglo greenhouse- backyard gardener

A few years ago Ceres acquired the greenhouse company Sunglo to provide a wider range of hobby greenhouse options for our backyard gardeners. Sunglo specializes in designing smaller, center gable, greenhouse kits that, when delivered in a complete, pre-cut package, can be easily assembled in your backyard. Oftentimes we introduce growers to Sunglo products when they have budgetary or sizing requirements that don’t qualify them for a Ceres BackYard Kit. Another reason why we might introduce a grower to Sunglo is if their growing goals and local climate don’t necessitate Ceres’ highly climate-controlled environment. In this blog we will delve into the product differences a bit further and highlight other reasons why the Sunglo might be the perfect hobby greenhouse solution for your backyard growing needs.  

  1. Embrace Year-Round Gardening Without the Hefty Price Tag 

Sunglo Greenhouses stand out with their cutting-edge design that specifically caters to the needs and interests of backyard gardeners. The unique three-layer acrylic walls (which allow for significantly more light transmission than polycarbonate) provide exceptional insulation at a thickness of 1.5 inches, creating an optimal environment for plants by maintaining stable temperatures year-round. This advanced insulation significantly reduces the reliance on external heating sources, which is particularly appealing for backyard gardeners concerned with both the well-being of their plants and the efficiency of their gardening operations. The integration of the GAHT® Lite system within the raised beds further enhances this environment, ensuring plants thrive in ideal conditions. For growers, this means less time and money spent on heating and more enjoyment from a productive garden throughout the year, regardless of outdoor temperatures. This combination of features not only supports a diverse range of plants but also aligns with the hobbyist’s goal of achieving a year-round and cost-effective gardening practice. All of this for an extremely affordable price. 

inside sunglo greenhouse- small greenhouse kit
Image of the GAHT® Lite geothermal system in a Sunglo greenhouse
  1. Greenhouse Kits for Smaller Size Requirements

Sunglo Greenhouses offers four compact models [8’x10’; 8’x12’; 10’x12’; 10’x15’] designed with space efficiency in mind compared to traditional greenhouses. You can enjoy the benefits of year-round growing and abundant harvest without sacrificing valuable space in your backyard or garden area.

  1. Ease of Assembly and Comprehensive Package 

Building your Sunglo Greenhouse is straightforward and manageable. With Sunglo, all you need are the right tools to easily put together your greenhouse. Each kit arrives complete with user-friendly designs, pre-cut components, necessary equipment, and hardware, ensuring a smooth setup. Supported by a detailed instruction manual, an informative installation video, and dedicated customer service, you’ll be well-equipped to successfully construct your greenhouse on your own.

  1. Customization and Accessories 

Sunglo understands that every grower has unique needs and goals. You can speak with a Sunglo professional to help find the perfect Sunglo greenhouse kit for your specific requirements. In addition to matching you with the right greenhouse kit, they will recommend additional accessories that can enhance your growing systems. From shading, cedar benching and shelves, potting tubs, and grow lights to ensure you have everything you need to grow healthy and abundant food year-round. 

sunglo greenhouse- hobby gardener
Sunglo’s superior ventilation system keeps your greenhouse cool during the hottest months
  1. Superior Ventilation 

Understanding the critical role of ventilation for successful year-round gardening, Sunglo uniquely outfits each greenhouse kit with a climate-controlled ventilation system, a feature not commonly found in competitor models. Many other backyard kits on the market lack essential components like the exhaust fans and louvered intake vents, leading to challenges with overheating during the warmer months. Sunglo addresses this by including a powerful 16” Schaefer exhaust shutter fan and an aluminum louvered intake vent in their kits. This system is complemented by spring-loaded hinged ridge vents on each end and an extra tall door with a screened window for passive venting, ensuring a well-regulated environment that prevents overheating and promotes the growth of thriving plants in any season.

inside 10x15 sunglo greenhouse kit

Sunglo’s approach makes it a standout choice for backyard gardeners who value sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and the joy of gardening. Whether you’re seeking a cost-effective way to achieve year-round growth, a grow environment to fit your smaller backyard, or simply seeking a user-friendly solution to extend your growing season, Sunglo’s offerings align with the aspirations of modern growers. Their commitment to providing a complete, hassle-free package — from comprehensive kits to personalized accessories and unparalleled customer support — ensures that your venture into year-round gardening is not only successful but also immensely rewarding. Particularly notable is Sunglo’s unique ventilation system, ensuring that the challenge of overheating, a common issue in less equipped models, is effectively addressed, marking a significant advantage over competitors.

If you are interested in learning more about Sunglo’s greenhouse kits, or would like to talk to a Sunglo representative, visit their website today!

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