Whether an off-grid commercial greenhouse, or an attached residential solar greenhouse, our full-service design and engineering services can take your project from conception to completion.

evaporative cooling system

Mechanical Systems

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Monitor & Controller

Integrating all your systems to create a completely automated greenhouse is an important task. We provide custom solutions for controls, depending on what climate systems you choose.

Greenhouse Controls

GAHT™ System

As an advanced climate battery, a GAHT™ system enables the greenhouse to store extra solar energy in the soil underground. We have often called this a ‘self-heating’ system, as it allows the structure to use passive solar energy collected by the greenhouse itself.

Phase Change Material (PCM)

PCM is a unique material that passively stores heat during the day through the chemical reaction as a material freezes and melts. This allows for passive climate control for a year round greenhouses or an off-grid greenhouse.


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