The Sealed SunChamber™


The SunChamber™ is a completely sealed grow environment. While our vented and sealed greenhouse options are essentially identical in design and materials (see HighYield™ Kit), the SunChamber™ is characterized by its sealed design, coupled with an EcoPack™ or EcoLoop™ HVACD option and a SunSense™ controller. Layout choice will depend on engineering, site considerations, budget, climate, etc.

SunChamber Commercial Modular Greenhouse

Vented Greenhouse? Or Sealed SunChamber™?

How do I choose?

Before we decide on the best HVAC(D) solution for your growing need, the first question to address is whether a sealed (SunChamber™), or vented greenhouse is the better option, this will determine which environmental control options will be applicable. Ceres uses two proprietary, energy-saving HVAC(D) systems for our sealed grow facility options; EcoPack™ and EcoLoop™, and the GAHT® for our vented system. See below for the benefits of both systems.


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A vented greenhouse can be provided with low capital and operational costs. It is a good option in places where smell is not a concern and precise control over temperature and humidity is not necessary.


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A sealed greenhouse  (The Ceres SunChamber™) is intended for high-value crops. It is characterized by its extraordinary climate control capabilities, as there is no outside air exchange.

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What is included with a Ceres SunChamber™?

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Sunchamber™ FAQs

The Sunchamber™ is a completely sealed Ceres greenhouse with the EcoLoop™ geothermal (or EcoPack™) HVACD system and the Ceres SunSense controller, intended for the most energy efficient and highly controlled environment. This system is intended for high value crops that require precision climate control.


While the vegetables would love this environment. It is usually not necessary nor cost effective to employ a fully sealed greenhouse for commercial vegetable production. A vented Ceres greenhouse with smart controls can still provide precise grow conditions which is more than sufficient for commercial agriculture. 

For a fully built structure (including all estimated construction costs) ready to grow we estimate $210-$260/sqft. 

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