Ceres Greenhouse Solutions

Sealed Grow Facility Solutions

Better than an indoor grow.

Grow healthy crops using less energy.

    Next level cultivation for:
  • High value crops
  • Integrated climate controls
  • Full automation
  • No leaking odors
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    Interested in a Cannabis Greenhouse?

    Learn more about why a Ceres sealed grow facility is more energy efficient and outperforms an indoor grow facility.

    The SunSense™ controller

    Data Analysis & Grow Support

    We design around plants.

    With our SunSense™ controller:

    • Environmental parameters are optimized for plant growth and health
    • Customizable environmental recipes for individual cultivar and for each stage of growth
    • Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) is specified by grower and maintained by the HVACD system
    • Desired light levels (DLI, PPFD) is achieved by a smart lighting strategy
    • Adjustable CO2 concentration
    • Reduction in risk of pests and disease, from a controlled environment

    The Ceres EcoLoop™: A Climate Control Solution

    The EcoLoop™ is Ceres’ innovative geothermal HVACD system designed specifically for our sealed SunChamber™ and Greenhouse Kits. Maintain precise temperature, humidity, and vapor pressure differential control while saving on your energy bill and lowering your carbon footprint.

    Greenhouse climate control- the EcoLoop

    The Sun Harvesting capabilities of a greenhouse coupled with the Environmental Controls of an Indoor Grow Facility

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