Completely Sealed, Highly Controlled & Fully Automated

The SunChamber™

Built as a holistic system, the SunChamber™ is revolutionizing commercial cannabis cultivation. This innovative grow solution is for growers looking to get ahead of the competition by producing consistent and quality cannabis while saving money on operating costs. 

The SunChamber™ is defined by its sealed facility and the integration of energy-efficient systems like The EcoLoop™ and The SunSense™ controller. The EcoLoop™ is our geothermal HVACD system, a renewable energy source that uses the steady temperature of the earth underground to create precise temperature and humidity levels. It’s designed to reduce energy consumption by up to 60%.

Designing for the future:

  • The SunChamber™ is built on a modular scale to allow for easy expansion in the event that your business grows. 
  • We prepare our designs for federal legalization: The SunChamber™ is built with a pharmaceutical mindset – designing pressurized rooms and taking into account airflow and the movement of people.
  • Designs are compliant with GMP and GACP standards, so when growers buy a Ceres greenhouses they are ready for domestic and international cultivation standards.

The SunSense™ smart controller manages the greenhouse environment in one easy-to-use interface and allows for precise VPD-based control. With The SunSense™ you can achieve optimized results and a better understanding of your grow environment with the controller’s customized greenhouse analytics. With The SunSense™ you also have total control over all your other greenhouse systems for a more comprehensive grow operation. When your greenhouse works as one unit, you increase the efficiency of your operation and save money. 

Ceres SunSense™ controller- greenhouse climate control

Combine the climate control of an indoor grow with the productivity of the sun. The sealed design of the SunChamber™ ensures heightened biosecurity and precise monitoring of your environment to promote consistent growth, increased yields and high quality product. Ceres’ SunChamber™ growers have received up to 50% more per pound than the average market value.

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