Deciding on framing materials depends on the size of the buildable lot, size of structure, and wind and snow loads. Residential solar greenhouses are most commonly built with wood framing; however, wood framing is less economical for larger commercial greenhouses.


Light Gauge Steel Frame

Used primarily for our commercial HighYield™ greenhouses. The kit greenhouse frame ships faster than heavy gauge and is easier to set up with less construction waste and lower labor costs.


  • 23ft or 30ft deep (north to south)
  • Any length in approximately 4ft measurements
  • 2”x 4” domestic galvanized steel frame
  • Less shading
  • Shorter timeframe for completion of project – faster design, engineering, delivery times and construction
  • Typically used for Commercial Greenhouses and Kit Greenhouses

Heavy Gauge Steel Frame

Mostly used for large scale commercial custom designs. A heavy gauge can be used for any sized structure, and can be designed for any wind or snow load.


  • Typically used for site-specific building footprints
  • Hot-dipped domestic galvanized steel frame
  • Available in single-span greenhouses up to 84 feet deep
  • Used for Custom Commercial Greenhouses

Insulated Metal Panels (IMPS)

All steel frame greenhouses are constructed with IMPS- foam composite insulated metal panels, engineered to maintain interior climate control no matter the weather.

Used for all of our Kits and all Commercial Projects

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