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Looking to Grow Your Own Food?

At Ceres we are committed to developing holistic solutions for all your growing needs. From design, implementation, and optimization for prolific plant growth we offer solutions specific to your home greenhouse.

Do-It-Yourself with a Ceres Greenhouse

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What Kind of Grower Are You?

Not sure what kind of greenhouse to buy? Or what to grow in a greenhouse? Check out our guide which helps readers identify themselves as a particular kind of grower in order to better understand what grow and climate control systems to choose. 

Residential Greenhouses: For Year round Abundance

Check out all of our home and backyard greenhouses for sale. We design our greenhouses for particular climate zones, grow systems, and individual needs. No matter what your greenhouse growing experience, crop choice, or backyard topography, we have a solution for you. 

Our Most Popular Home Greenhouse: The BackYard Kit

Check out our most popular greenhouse design. Our BackYard Kit is a simple, yet effective design for growing all year round. Our steal kit is built to withstand any weather, all while maximizing solar intake. 

Ongoing Optimization: Greenhouse Grow Support

First time greenhouse grower? No problem. Our team of grow experts are here to help with everything from crop selection and greenhouse design to integrating our SunSense™ controller.

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Access Our Residential Greenhouse Brochures

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