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Grow Food Year Round

The BackYard Kit is the perfect fit for your residential growing needs

Feed Yourself, Your Family, or Your Community

    Our Residential BackYard Kits offer:
  • Abundant production
  • Complete climate control
  • Durable structure
  • Beautiful sunroom environment
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    backyard kit-outside
    BackYard Kit- grow your own food
    grow your own food- inside home tropical greenhouse

    A Solar Greenhouse-Sunroom

    Many of our clients find that their greenhouses also serve the purpose of a peaceful and bright year round sunroom. Our BackYard kits are a perfect environment to not only grow the plants of your choice, but to provide you a space to relax and watch it all happen.

    Other uses of our Residential BackYard kits:

    • Tropical oasis
    • Cactus garden
    • Kitchen herb garden
    • Flower garden
    • Solarium

    Ceres Residential Greenhouses: For the Serious Grower

    Built with a steel frame and insulated metal panels, our residential greenhouses are made for growers who are looking to produce, and will not be held back by the cold seasons. These greenhouses are built to withstand any climate and are designed to last.

    Other reasons to get a Ceres BackYard Kit:

    grower in greenhouse
    DIY greenhouse

    More of a DIY-er?

    We also sell greenhouse plans. Build your own energy-efficient, year round, passive solar greenhouse right in your own backyard.

    We sell the plans, you buy the materials.

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