Greenhouse Planning and Consulting

Looking for a durable greenhouse that grows year-round without the heating and cooling costs?

We are here to help. We work with growers at all stages in the process of planning and building an energy-efficient greenhouse. See below for some of our specific services. Our standard consulting rate is $125 / hour. We also offer consulting packages for $595. Consulting package includes general notes from construction drawings like recommendations on materials, wiring, exhaust system calculation and thermostat settings etc. Please contact us for an estimate on your project.

Our Process:

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Do you need help…

We help growers select a greenhouse that will provide the best return on their investment based on their needs (indoor growing conditions) and climate. We evaluate a variety of structures – including energy-efficient greenhouses, traditional greenhouses, and hoop houses – to find the best fit for your needs. We take into account the energy-efficiency of your greenhouse, but also the most cost-effective choice, so you can get the best return on your investment.

Using a combination of maps, photos and climate data, we evaluate your potential greenhouse sites. We can run a lighting or energy analysis comparing the effect of different orientation and greenhouse locations.

We provide customized greenhouse design for a range of structures, both residential and commercial greenhouse operations.

Ceres engineers and designers can provide an energy analysis of your structure to pinpoint cost savings. We provide recommendations on the most cost-effective upgrades for retrofitting an existing commercial greenhouse, including the payback time of the new systems.

Whether using an energy-efficient insulated greenhouse or another variety, we can help you choose and size the right climate control options.

We source reliable automated growing equipment, including shade and light deprivation solutions, greenhouse lighting, irrigation systems. These are often custom products and solutions tailored for your greenhouse.

Using an in-house architect we can provide full construction documents as well as engineered construction documents to help streamline the permitting process.

Featured Consulting Projects

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