Pineapples, custom siding, self-wicking beds… a greenhouse comes to life

By Haley Bridgnell

Pineapples, custom siding, self-wicking beds… a greenhouse comes to life

Pineapples, custom siding, self-wicking beds… a greenhouse comes to life

My favorite time in the life of a greenhouse is those first few days after it’s built, when we step off the job site and a grower’s creativity takes over. Paint brushes strewn about, ground still muddy, this is not when the greenhouse is at its most beautiful. But it’s the time when it transforms from just another greenhouse into an individual’s growing oasis.

self-wicking beds

Solar greenhouses — besides their many other benefits like energy-savings, year-round growing, and durability — provide an actual structure which you can give your own touches and finishes. Have a custom door you’ve always wanted to use? Need a bright splash of color in the backyard? In contrast to a one-size-fits-all glass or polycarbonate greenhouse, solar greenhouses can be customized to match the look and feel of your home. That makes them much more than just a growing space… they are a canvas for your architectural and design creativity.

Today we celebrate the little things… the finishing touches that make our latest 8 x 16 solar greenhouse come to life.

Owner Sharon installed a corrugated metal siding on the interior. This will create a water-impermeable barrier for her raised beds that will line the South wall. On the North wall, she used a self-wicking raised bed from Farm Tub with cedar siding. The bed uses capillary wicks to draw water from a reservoir into the soil, greatly reducing water requirement and enhancing growth.custom interior siding in a solar greenhouse

“My neighbor helped me install the siding. I am pretty good at tile work, so I tiled the interior trim with marble tiles.”

The angled tiles will protect the trim from condensation that accumulates and runs down from the windows.

Above, a potted pineapple has been waiting patiently for the greenhouse to be completed, and has just been moved into it’s new home. Sharon left space in her floor plan for several tropicals and fruit trees, like a meyer lemon tree, avocado, and kumquat.

“I chose the barn red exterior color and trim color to match the house.” 

“The installation guys were so fun to work with and have around. I’m so pleased with how it turned out.”

The greenhouse will begin growing a range of fruits and vegetables in the coming months and provide Sharon with a bounty of fresh food for years to come. We’re excited to see it take off. 

12 x 16 solar greenhouse with self-wicking beds

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