We work with leading companies in controlled environment agriculture to create the most advanced, energy-efficient greenhouses possible.

Atom Controllers
Atom Controls

Atom Controllers produce higher yields for less energy by automating precision greenhouse conditions and data collection. From residential operations to commercial grows maintain tighter control of the greenhouse environment.

Solar & Wind Energy

We have teamed with EZ Grow to incorporate their innovative “Tri-Helix” system–solar panels mounted on three rotating wind turbines. This technology allows for the integration of solar and wind energy into a much more efficient sustainable energy system. The compact, low profile design means that the Solar Windmill has the most dense energy-generation capability of any renewable energy product on the market.


Registered trademark Farm Tub® Planters and Do It Yourself Self (DIY) Self-Watering Growing System Kits are custom-built to meet your gardening needs. The DIY Self-Watering System Kits are included in Farm Tub Planters or can be customized to convert any planter, container or stock tank to be self-watering.  Farm Tub systems are perfect for container gardening and growing your own food in an efficient, water-saving manner.

Residential Aquaponics Parts and Kits

We work with The Aquaponic Source to design and build greenhouses that integrate with a range of aquaponic systems.

Light Deprivation System

Customized light deprivation solutions for facilities that require photoperiod control. Light-lock and full automation.

ETFE Products

F-Clean is an ETFE product that is both durable and lightweight with high light transmittance. It is a superior glazing option and should be considered for many greenhouse applications.

High-Grade Commercial Components

AmHydro offers commercial hydroponic solutions for your greenhouse growing. They offer solutions for leafy greens & herbs, vine crops and sowing seeds. 

Urban Agriculture Consulting Services

We advise operators, investors, businesses, and governments through data-driven design, research, benchmarking, and strategy. Agritecture works with new entrepreneurs and expanding operators to navigate the crucial planning stages for their urban farming businesses to become successful, avoid costly mistakes, and get up and running as fast as possible.

Finance Your Greenhouse

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